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Cult of Venus
Miss World VZ 2006
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Virtually all of Venezuela's female top models and television personalities are alumni of the pageant, including Maite Delgado (who competed in 1986 against future Miss Universe Bárbara Palacios). Many of today's top young models, such as Onelises Brochero, Dayana Colmenares and Wendy Medina, have repeatedly been rejected by Miss Venezuela; on the other hand, Goizeder Azua and Desiree Pallota, who have variously been considered the top domestic supermodels in the country, joined the pageant after establishing their careers.
Nowadays, familiar faces on Spanish TV networks around the world include Catherine Fulop, Carolina Perpetuo, Norkys Batista, Daniela Kosán, Marjorie de Sousa, Chiquinquirá Delgado and Natalia Streignard. Two of the Latin world's most famous personalities, supermodel Patricia Velásquez and singer/actress Maria Conchita Alonso, also participated, in 1989 and 1975, respectively. Miss Universe 1981, Irene Saez, is perhaps most famous as the beauty queen who became mayor of part of metropolitan Caracas, governor, and high-profile presidential candidate in 1998. Interestingly, Miss Venezuela 1986, Bárbara Palacios, won the Miss Universe title just ahead of Miss USA Christy Fitchner, who in turn won Miss USA a few points ahead of Miss Ohio 1986, Halle Berry.
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Miss Universo 2006  The Official Website of Miss World

Miss Venezuela 2005 Winners - FINAL at

Miss World
Venezuela 2006

Federica Guzmán
Miss World 2006 was  held in Poland on September 30, three months ahead of schedule. The Miss Venezuela Org. thus decided to return to the "emergency" system used in 2000-01 and hold a special pageant, Miss World Venezuela 2006. The winner was Federica Guzmán, selected to represent Venezuela in Miss World 2006.
Carnaval loves contests and Queens and Venezuela does do them so well. Enter "Venezuela" at and it's all about Beauty Contests and Queens
The combination of the intense competition to enter the pageant, the extreme and comprehensive training required of all contestants and winners, and its unparalleled record at winning international contests has made Miss Venezuela the world's most successful national beauty title. The winners chosen to represent Venezuela in the major international pageants are accorded unparalleled fame and opportunities in the country and throughout Latin America, although they must undergo continuous preparation to compete in those pageants.

In Venezuela, beauty isn't necessarily something you're born with. It's a pursuit that has evolved into an industry, a national obsession, a staple of daily life.



 Miss Canaima 00:36 614
It's not as simple as it looks
A risky one handed move removing a wrap causes a Miss Venezuela 2000 contestant a memorable costume malfunction and rates as Venezuela's most viewed video at youtube. It's just 10 seconds but does requires a log-in

The cult of Venus in Venezuela

Roberto Hernández Montoya

Venezuela is the country with the biggest number of international beauty awards: five Miss Worlds and four Miss Universes, among dozens of other victories that no-one counts anymore....

"That mythical beauty is put to trial everywhere in the Venezuelan social space. We elect beauty queens everywhere: so-called “god-mothers” of baseball, football and basketball teams. There are beauty queens in village holidays, harvests, companies, the Carnival. They’re everywhere: in grade schools, in high-schools, in corporations, in sports. Even in prisons they crown beautiful convicted women.....

by Roberto Hernández Montoya
Caracas, January 31st 1999 First version, in French, August 28th 1998
Revised on 11th August 2001 En français:
La vénuslatrie vénézuélienne

"They are called the “Generation of 1928,” and they were the forgers of the prior political régime we are trying to reform. "It is true that they had camouflaged their protests in the context of Carnival, in which beauty queens are considered normal. But it is significant that their rally revolved around a beauty queen and not around a clown, which is also considered normal in Carnival. They were not far from the natural Venezuelan drolleries, especially among students. It is because in Venezuela beauty queens inspire a liturgical respect. They radiate a freshness that purifies everything over which they preside."


Venezuela has enjoyed an unparalleled record at winning international contests, which has made Miss Venezuela the world's most successful national beauty title.

Venezuela, a highly multiracial and diverse country, is the world's largest consumer of cosmetics on a per-capita basis, and the culture of beauty runs deep as thousands of entrants apply for the pageant each year. Some young women would try for up to five or six years consecutively trying to get one of the 26 to 32 titles that will enable them to compete in the final pageant.

The Miss Venezuela also (infamously) employs a number of official plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists, a source of unending criticism from many quarters, in particular rival Latin American pageants. As the Miss Venezuela broadcast lasts up to four hours long, with countless musical numbers and dances, rehearsals alone require weeks of preparation on the part of the contestants.

As of 2003, when the current system was put into place, the winners of the Miss Venezuela title (who goes to Miss Universe) and Miss World Venezuela are equal in rank. Nevertheless, the representative to Miss Universe is still announced last, and she is still considered the holder of the one single Miss Venezuela title. Nowadays, the final five finalists are announced during the telecast, followed by the elimination of the second and first runner-ups, then Miss Venezuela to Miss International, Miss Venezuela to Miss World, and Miss Venezuela to Miss Universe.

The International Stage
Throughout the 1990s, the emergence of Miss India as a strong contender has posed a serious challenge to Venezuela's long string of wins; other contestants that have traditionally challenged Miss Venezuela predominance in international pageants are Miss Puerto Rico [see below for 2006 tie-breaking info] and Miss Dominican Republic. The pageant is broadcast live across Latin America by enevision
Venezulea and the Island of Trinidad share many things besides the Gulf of Paria and oil fields. Citizens of Trinidad &
Tobago also revere beauty Queens and contests as much as their Venezuelan neighbors

The ideal measurements for a contestant in Miss Venezuela are 90-60-90. Officially a minimum height of 5'7" is required, but winners are most often at least 5'9" and actually average 5'11" in height.

While few black women  have historically participated in the Miss Venezuela pageant, this has been changing in recent years. Recent success stories include  Carolina Indriago (winner, 1998); Angélica Guvernez (fourth, 1998); Dayra Lambis (fifth, 1998); Aineta Stephens (fourth, 2000); and Stephanie Thomas (fourth, 2004); Susan Carizzo (second 2005), and Jictzad Vina (first 2005).

Miss World 2006 - [12 sec] Google Video Miss World 2006 French Zidane head butt testata Materazzi Francia mondo mundo video
Miss World 2006 Beachwear Final - Google Video104 contestants gather in Gdynia, Poland, to compete in the 2006 Beachwear final for one guaranteed place in the Miss World Final on September 30th. 10 min 11 sec - Sep 24, 2006
2006 Miss Universe passes out - The Superficial - www Donald Trump looking really angry standing next to her

All the World Loves a Beauty Queen

Newest country debuts international in 2006 at Miss World in Poland


Vedrana Grbovic (left) and Ivana Knezevic (right), represented in Poland, Serbia, and the newly independent Montenegro, respectively.
Knezevic is the first representation from Montenegro at any international event and the first Miss Montenegro at any beauty pageant. Montenegro became independent on June 3rd, 2006, ending the state-union of Serbia & Montenegro, the last remnant of former Yugoslavia.
The Beauty Queens of Puerto Rico Challenging the Rule of the Reinas of Venezuela
MISS UNIVERSE 2006 - Puerto Rico's Zuleyka Rivera

Puerto Rico's Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006 the fifth Puerto Rican to win the title, and makes the Miss Puerto Rico Organization the second most successful in the pageant (behind the USA). Prior to Rivera's win, Puerto Rico had been tied with Venezuela, each having won the pageant four times.


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