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"The road continues to a good beach and Galera Point , the island's extreme eastern tip. Adjacent to the lighthouse is a windblown, rocky bluff, known as Fishing Rock, an atmospheric place where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic collide in a swirl of aquamarine and shimmering slate froth. Standing on the rock you feel as if you are on the edge of the world"
Rough Guide 1999

No Port for Now:
The sleepy fishing and farming community of Toco is the largest on the North coast and the logical point for a major port. The port besides serving nearby Tobago, which can be seen a mere 20 km away it could also handle oil tanker traffic and cruise ship tourists. The idea is not popular with the locals and is not moving forward. However, real estate prices are moving up and the new buyers are not as interested in preserving the isolation from the frantic pace of the outside world.


Rio Seco Waterfall: situated in the Salybia/Matura area - Crown Trace
Annual Events
Annual Oshun_Festival_at Salybia on
WHEN: Late August
Oshun is known as the Yoruban Orisha (deity) of the sweet or fresh waters (as opposed to the salt waters of Yemaya). Oshun, Oschun) in Yoruba mythology, is a spirit-goddess (Orisha) who reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, wealth and diplomacy.[1] She is worshipped also in Brazilian Candomblé Ketu, with the name spelled Oxum.

Oshun is beneficent and generous, and very kind. She does, however, have a horrific temper, though it is difficult to anger her. She is married to Shàngó, the sky god, and is his favorite wife because of her excellent cooking skills. Oshun is the mediator between the divine/natural world and the world of people
International Adventure Festival
Surf Competition
WHEN: Oct/Nov
WHERE: Sans Souci Beach
The turtle nesting season runs roughly from March to August.


Grand Riviere
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Rio Seco Waterfall by
Grand Riviere
Paria Waterfall
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Northeast Tip
Explore Northeast Tip
Grande Riviere
 Galera Point is the eastern most point in Trinidad, in the island's far northeast. It is in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation  and is very close to the town of Toco. The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation is headquartered in Sangre Grande. Other urban areas within include Guaico, and Valencia.
Real Estate
Two Large Lots Of Prime Land With Seaview On North Coast - These two properties are located on Khan Ave in Guyma, a very picturesque area of Toco. They are less than 5 minutes walk to the beach. Neighboring attractions are the Balandra Beach and the Rampanalgas Waterfall which is 15 minutes away. The other popular beaches are Sally Bay in Toco and Salybia. Other activities in the area are hiking to the sulphur spring in Salybia, fishing at Galera Point, river limes at Shark River and Grande Riviere and drives through the villages of the north coast nestled in luxuriant tropical rainforest. $110,000

Luxury 3 Bedroom Beach Front Property You Can Afford! - Rampanalgas is located 8 miles before Toco in the north eastern area of Trinidad. This area is blessed with many lovely beaches, rivers, waterfalls, and protected rain forest. The property is located on 6260 square feet of freehold land with sea ...$550,000 USD

 source: USD Jan-07

Beautiful lot of land located in L'Anse Noire with breathtaking and uninterrupted views. located across the road from the sea and priced at US$80,000. Road Access and all utilities in place.
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Radio Toco 106.7FM


The North Coast in rare perfection allows you to explore the depths of the rainforest, relax on one of the beautiful un-spoilt

Feel close to the creation of the world

 beaches or take a swim in breathtaking waterfalls or rivers. The Northern Range boasts of exceptional flora and fauna with no equivalent in any neighboring Caribbean GrandeRiviereBeach.jpgisland (2300 varieties of flowers, 433 species of birds and 620 species of butterflies).

Getting There
Route Taxis: Run from Sande Grande to Toco Turn around at Toco

Places To Stay: Northeast Coast
As you travel the coast you will notice many signs offering rooms for rent in homes or well-located but poorly marketed cabins. Prices and conditions range considerably.  Acajou Hotel [Average price*: USD$132] 209`Paria Main Road, | Grande Rivière,, Toco, Trinidad
#1 of 44 hotels in Trinidad at
"Warning - this place will steal your heart! Will make you want to stay there forever!Beautiful! More stylish and elegant than anything else in T&T, while wonderfully understated and modest!
Quiet!!! If most tourist places advertise themselves as "paradise beach" "paradise retreat" - this one should call itself "metaphysical", if only this wasn't too pompous!"
Member from Warsaw, Poland Le Grande Almandier House 670-2294 * Toco 10 creatively decorated rooms
 classic tropical beachfront  popular open-air restaurant and bar attract both locals and visitors. set around a motel-style courtyard  Set on a nine-acre working farm that is worth a tour in itself, visitors will find a modern 10-bedroom facility, each room with private bath, Mount Plaisir Estate Hotel and Spa,  Grande Riviere, Trinidad * Rooms: 10 Average price*: $89
"We love and respect nature and everything we do is to remind you why it is so important to save our Mother Earth." Salybia Nature Resort and Spa 13 ¾ Mile Post, Toco Main Road Salybia Village Matura 28 rooms
A resort getaway nestled along Trinidad’s North East coast offering conference, leisure and spa facilities. Other facilities include airport transfers, business c
ntree, meeting and banquet facilities, complimentary coffee/tea, beach facilities, television in room, radio in room, cable TV and gym facilities

Esterel Cumana, Toco, Trinidad - (868) 670-4767


 Saline Bay: Great for a picnic and a refreshing dip in the sea.

Balandra Bay:
A little difficult to find but the beach makes the journey worthwhile.
A narrow stretch of land shelters Balandra Bay, making it good for swimming Body-surfing is enjoyed  at the rougher end of the bay.
The wide beach with moderate waves is very popular on weekends, many locals have holiday homes in the area, some of which can be rented. The pretty fishing village offers minimal facilities for visitors.

Following the Toco Road
will take you past Arthur's Grocery which although it is on the outskirts of Rampanalgas, acts as the town center since it is also the post office, a deli with crab cakes and bar with pool table.
Rampanalgas or Cirra Falls
is up  a dirt road just past the sign announcing the Rampanalgas. The path has been landscaped somewhat by the locals and there's two levels to the modest cascade with a nice pool for swimming and jumping at the base of the falls.

Guayamara Point
Another 3km on the Toco Road gets you to this jut in the landscape which affords a spectacular views of the long palm fringed southern beaches

Cumana This is the location of the last gas station as well as the end of the good highway as you near Tocl and will begin heaing West till the road deadends.

Galera Point
One of the most dramatic spots in Trinidad: an old lighthouse overlooks the point where the murky Atlantic meets the turquoise clearCari bbean waters, waves crashing on the rocks at the most Eastern spot on the island. The lighthouse, built in 1897, is sometimes open to visitors where a climb to the top is rewarded with the view of Tobago and the inland coconut estates. One lighthouse keeper is convinced ghosts that inhabit the eerie spot.   Below the spray is Fishing Rock where the waves crash ltravels far up the cliffs spouting through a blow hole with a regular rhythm.
The nearby Salybia beach is a popular and safe bathing spot and favored resting point for those  driving up to Toco. Facilities include changing rooms and showers.

Toco region enjoys a reputation as Trinidad's leading surf area  with many beaches favored by surfers.

This is the main population center. Many folks live in charming if dilapidated,  wooden gingerbread houses. Meanwhile there is some impressive new construction spouting up here and there.

Toco Folk Museum: Run by school teachers and open during school hours till 3:30pm. One of its best features is the knowledgeable folks who answer questions. The museum permanent collection  features a broad assortment of items from Amerindian artifacts to local insects, shells and rare Calypso recordings.
 At the Toco Composite School


  Past the town of Toco, the main access road becomes the Paria Main Road, memorable not just for the wild and rugged coastal scenery but also because the road runs perilously close to the eroding cliffs. This is a remarkable coastline for a Caribbean island and speaks to the island being an extension of the Venezuelas mountain range.

Salybia Bay: [Salibea Bay] Long, scenic bay, often windswept with surging breakers but you may well find it a placid beach with shallows and nice shade. Like many of the beaches on the northeast coast, this one is packed with people and music trucks blaring soca and reggae on weekends along with plenty of vendors. GETTING THERE: Just after the town of Toco. Off Toco Main Rd.

Sans Souci Bay: A slightly sloping bay with often-choppy waves. Popular with surfers in the winter and venue for surfgrande_riviere_surf.jpg competitions. Sans Souci is a relatively safe beach with two restaurants on the nearby road. The most popular beach is known as Big Bay.

Coming out of the valley of Sans Souci (“without problems in French”), the narrow winding road twist and bends down the hills from the tiny inland villages of Monte Video and L'Anse Noire before opening unto the bridge across the majestic fast-flowing Grande Rivière river whose banks are decorated with foliage of forests and fruit trees, large heliconias and drooping vines.

Grand Rivière:
"Grande Riviere may be small but it has the best hotel in Trinidad. Mount Plaisir Estate " Grande_Riviere.jpg
Grand Riviere's eastern beach is well known among surfers

This small fishing community boasts a laid-back life enjoying views from their narrow hilly streets. The cocoa growing industry, stretching back more than 100 years, was once the main industry but more important  these days, is that Grand Rivière has become the center of the highly touted visitor industry of the northeast coast.
Local fishermen are happy to take you along in the traditional boat of the region, the pirogue, so you can try your skills against theirs. The sea also offers good surfing while hikers can trek up to Paria or Madamas Falls .
It does not take a tour guide to walk up the rivers to refreshing pools and lush greenery.
The Grande Riviere Nature Guide Association and the Tourism Development Organization have recently built an  information center on the beachfront where you can arrange a more ambitious and informative tour.
Except during the peak turtle-breeding season.

Paria Main Road crosses many rivers and the most popular and largest for campers is Shark River. Good swimming is found in pools near where the water meets the Caribbean Sea and there are plenty more further upstream.

Matelot: The very last beach along the North-East coast stretch. There is a village centre with a small Catholic church but nary a restaurant to be found. The Matelot Waterfall is a full half-day’s hike along the Matelot River which is the most popular place for swimming as it approaches the sandy beach. The Paria Waterfall is also accessible from this direction, look for the TIDCO sign pointing to the Madamas River Walk. It's 19km of wild coast to where the road begins again at Blanchisseuse on the other side of the Mariane River. A guide is advised for this walk and they are plentiful.

Tours: Northeast
There are three less than full day rivers that make a good Kayak trips
I. the Tompei River on the outskirts of Cumana Village in Toco.
From the bridge put in the river flows through partially cultivated land and then on to a mangrove area before finally entering the sea.
This is a relatively short kayak trip that can be started from the bridge on the Toco Main Road that spans the river and goes down stream. Kayaking is not allowed upstream of the bridge as there is a water intake facility on the up stream side, which supplies the surrounding areas with drinking water.

II.Kayak the Rio Seco River

This kayak trip begins at the mouth of the river in Sally Bay (Saline Bay) just off the Toco Main Road. As with other rivers in Trinidad, the kayaking is best at the end of the rainy season when the water levels are still high. Within a few minutes of the leaving the river mouth you are enveloped in the stillness of nature with the only sounds being the rustle of animals in the undergrowth and the whistling of the birds.

Further along this river is the Rio Seco Waterfall, however the several narrow rock pools make for a more challenging portage scenario than most are willing.

III. Sally Bay River empties into the sea at Balandra Bay and offers a relatively short kayak trip through mangrove and hardwood forest. The upper portion of the river has boulders that require frequent portaging. This kayak trip can be combined with kayaking on the Rio Seco River or Tompei River to create a full day

North East Coast Tour overnight Grande Riviere by (and Turtle watch - seasonal) 9b, Fondes Amandes Rd. FONDES AMANDES HOUSE,
St. Ann's, Trinidad and Tobago.Tel: 868-624-7281Fax: 868-624-8596
Cell: 868-620-1989 Returning to Trinidad, we arrive at the Salybia Nature Resort. In this lush tropical landscape bordered by the ocean, we may spy white hawks, parrots, and countless hummingbirds or hear the unforgettable roars of howler monkeys. After breakfast we set off for a full day of outstanding birding at nearby Mount St. Benedict, the oldest Benedictine monastery in the Caribbean. If conditions are right, an evening tour to Matura Bay offers us the extraordinary opportunity to view rare leather-back turtles returning to the beaches to lay their eggs. Our next day will be spent at the Asa Wright Nature Center, a 200-acre wildlife sanctuary surrounded by lush rain forest.