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Arima fotos by triniview
Mount St Benedict Monastery
East-West Corridor 
Explore East-west Corridor
St Joseph by rough guides
The Asa Wright Nature Centre, Mount St Benedict, the Caroni Nature Reserve, Nariva Swamp, the Pointe-à-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust, bird-watching almost everywhere
Birds of Trinidad & Tobago more people are watching birds than football and hockey combined.
Brian Ramsey has packed his site full of information about the birds of TnT and hopes you will become so enthused that buying his CD is a next step.
oilbirds are the primitive cave-dwelling birds that uses sonar to fly in the dark
Northern Range.
The East-West Corridor
The corridor is the built-up area of north Trinidad stretching from the capital, Port of Spain, 15 miles east to Arima.  The Corridor includes such towns as Barataria, San Juan, St. Joseph, Curepe, St. Augustine, Tunapuna, Tacarigua, Arouca, and Five Rivers, once distinct communities, now districts within a continuous urban area. For the most part it runs along the Eastern Main Road, between the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway and the foothills of the Northern Range. It is a densely populated and fairly congested strip of development along some of the best agricultural soils in the country.
Location of Tunapuna-Piarco
Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporations.

Regional Corporations in Trinidad which replaced the system of Counties as local government bodies in 1992.

The Tunapuna-Piarco Regional Corporation is headquartered in Tunapuna. Other towns include Arouca, Blanchisseuse, Curepe, St. Augustine, Trincity, and Piarco.

The Royal Borough of Arima (population 35,000) is the fourth largest town in Trinidad and Tobago. Located 26 km (16 miles) east of the capital, Port of Spain, Arima supports the only organised indigenous community in the country, the Santa Rosa Carib Community and is the seat of the Carib Queen (currently Valentina Medina). Arima was founded in 1757 by Capuchin friars as a mission to convert the Amerindian population to Christianity. The name is reported to mean "water".

Arima petitioned Queen Victoria for municipal status as part of her Golden Jubilee in 1887. This was granted the following year and Arima became a Royal Borough on August 1, 1888. Historically the third town of Trinidad, Arima has slid into fourth position as Chaguanas has boomed into the largest town in the country.

The calypsonian Lord Kitchener (1922-2000) was a favoured son of Arima. His remains are interred in the Santa Rosa Roman Catholic Cemetery, Arima.



The waterfalls of the Northern Range are at their best during the rainy season (June-December)
Overnight Camping
"But what's really unusual about Trinidad hiking is the option to overnight on many treks, still something of a rarity since most Caribbean hikes aren't long enough to justify an overnight campout.

Furthermore, on some islands camping is frowned upon because someone sleeping outdoors doesn't help the hoteliers.  guideto

Arima in August
August [ last week]  Arima,  celebrates the Caribbean Amerindians who were settled in Trinidad long before Christopher Columbus "discovered" it. The streets are filled with festive processions, led by the Carib Queen, who is the head of the Amerindian community in Arima.  Amerindian food on sale and art and craft displays of   There are about 12,000 people in North-East Trinidad of Amerindian descent. A free public event that's definitely worth seeing.
On the last Sunday in August is the feast of Santa Rosa de Lima at the catholic church of the same name.
Wikipedia- our key resource
Upon making your first contribution you might be expected to get a message like Curran her did.
Trinidad is butterfly heaven: 620 different species of colorful "flutterbys."
700 types of orchids
Download17 humming birds.
  • Aripo Waterfall: Wallerfield Road, North east Trinidad
  • Madamas Waterfall: falls into Brasso River situated North East of Trinidad.
  • Rio Seco Waterfall: situated in the Salybia/Matura area - Crown Trace.
  • Lalaja Waterfall: North East Coast of Trinidad.


Trinidad’s Northern Range and north coast are exceptional and can only be explored well by car or with a tour guide. A day trip to this part of the island will ensure that you come across the highest mountains in Trinidad, El Cerro Del Aripo and El Tucuche.
Trinidad's Northern Range Rainforest, a 2,313-acre reserve, offers an incredibly diverse range of flora and fauna. The densely forested peaks are home to over 100 species ofAripo_River.jpg mammal, 430 types of bird and stunning waterfalls. A region of tall, ancient rainforests and numerous waterfalls and rivers --- in full spate or slow and meandering --- that suggest spontaneous dips on a hot day or magical kayaking explorations. Since Trinidad has no dangerous animals, hiking is a safe and popular activity.

The Northern Range crosses the entire width of the island from Galera Point in the North East to the Dragon's Mouth in the North West. The range rises into two peaks, Cerro Aripo and El Tucuche, the highest point being 940.3 metres. Roads have been built over the range to Maracas Bay and Blanchisseuse.

Within the Northern Range are three distinct nature preserves: Trinity Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Asa Wright Centre, and Valencia Wildlife Sanctuary.

Trinidad's Northern Range is actually an eastern spur of the Andes, all that remains of a sunken mountain range. Situated just seven miles off the coast, Trinidad was probably joined to South America as little as 10,000 years ago.

Because of its continental origins and close proximity to South America, Trinidad has evolved into a huge animal and plant reserve, a microcosm of South American flora and fauna. The island's unique location supports plants and wildlife native to both the Caribbean and South America. In addition to species such as the golden tree frog, armadillo, and wild pig, Trinidad also supports a thick canopy of palms, mahogany and balata.

Places To Stay Asa Wright Nature Centre 667-4655 Arima
Download The Aripo cottage is built on one of several ridges in the verdant Aripo valley of the Northern range of Trinidad and just nine miles north of the town of Arima. The Aripo River with its impressive limestone formations waterfalls and several pools of crystal clear water in addition to the cottage pool which is supplied with water from the natural springs awaits the less adventurous. A guide can be made available on request for those who enjoy hiking or are interested in visiting the Jabloteh Oil Birds which inhabit the Aripo caves  18 Units, 5 miles of the Piarco International Airport to the east and 10 miles of the capital city of Port of Spain to the west.
Smoke-free & alcohol-free hotel  located within the  Santa Margarita district of the university suburb of St. Augustine a short drive from The University of The West Indies (UWI).
" May God richly bless you! " Check Waterpipe Road, Five Rivers, Arouca, Trinidad, W.I.  Tel: (868) 640-3659
west of Arima and east of Tunapuna
Le Sportel Inn & Nelson M 645-6324  34 Rooms Centre Of Excellence, Macoya Road | Tunapuna, Port of Spain, Pax Guest House Mt St Ben 662-4084 Tunapuna 18 rooms
A historical house with a teashop, dining rooms, nature trails, bird watching, shuttle service and conference facilities. Located at the edge of the Northern range and in the cooler heights of Mt. St. Benedict Monastery Estate. Discover the verdant rain forest and hike among nature trails. About 5 minutes from the University of the West Indies.


Trinidad’s third-largest city is home to the last remaining organised group of Amerindians on the island, the Santa Rosa Caribs.

Arima Attractions

Cleaver Park This park is located just off the Eastern Main Road and Cleaver Road in the Eastern Royal Borough of Arima. The park is well known for its nature trails and a thatched hut containing a display outlining the existence of the first descendents in Trinidad and Tobago, the Amerindians.

Santa Rosa Roman Catholic Church
 built by the Capuchin priests who founded Arima in the mid 1700s. A few years ago, the church received regional and international attention when a statue of the Virgin Mary was discovered "crying" tears of blood.
 August -
last Sunday - the feast of Santa Rosa de Lima more


Brasso Seco

Brasso Seco sees itself as a starting point for hikers and birders with many nature trail options for adventure seekers and one of the few vantage points for bird watchers wishing to catch a glimpse of the endangered Pawi or Piping Guana. A popular trail from Brasso Seco leads to the Paria Waterfall. It begins with a 60-degree turn off the road at the 4.75 mile-post; the trail is clear with no turnings, and winds towards the north. The hike can be completed in two to three hours, depending on the weather and the physical condition of the hiker.

 Brasso Seco is also well-known for its preservation of indigenous cooking methods and recipes, hence the staging of the Annual Indigenous Culinary Cook-Out, hosted by the Brasso Seco Tourism Action Committee [TAC].   669 6218

Asa Wright Nature Center
Asa Wright Nature CentreAWNC
P.O. Box 4710, Arima Trinidad 667-4655
Covering 700 acres and including an old plantation house, the Center also includes trails and guided tours, a small cave and man-made pool, and minimal food accommodations.

 Knowledgeable guides will lead you through this former cocoa plantation, pointing out interesting species of birds, lizards, and other animals that you may encounter on the way. Staff put out fresh fruit everyday to attract birds, so that even sitting on the wide and comfortable verandah, a guest will be entertained by the local fauna.
From  Blanchisseuse: there's a winding route to the Asa Wright Nature Centre that takes you through canyons of towering palms, mossy grottoes, and imposing bamboo. In this rain forest keep an eye out for vultures, parakeets, hummingbirds, toucans
. Trinidad enjoys are more than 430 different species of birds, 620 different species of butterflies, and 2,300 different flowering shrubs and plants (700 of them orchids).

Mount St Benedict

Mount St Benedict Established in 1912 Mount St Benedict is the oldest Benedictine monastery in the Caribbean lies on the flank of the Northern Range 800 feet above St Augustine, with spectacular views over the central plains, beautiful gardens and nature trails.

The breads and sweets are baked by the Benetictine monks, so they're fresh and delicious. The cost is minimal for the tea service. The entire complex is peaceful and because it is situated so high on the mountain, it is wonderfully cool.  For the physically fit, there are Stations of the Cross that begin at the bottom of the mountain and end at the church. The Stations are along a rather steep road, requiring exercise for the body and soul.

Guanapo Waterworks Once past the outskirts of Arima, a turn-off at the WASA Guanapo Waterworks sign leads to the Heights of Guanapo Road . This is a fantastic hiking area, but not a place to explore without a guide.  The breathtaking Guanapo Gorge , the La Laja and Sombasson waterfalls are here - a vine-wreathed deep channel, a twenty-metre and a three-tiered fifty-metre cascade respectively - and you can see them all in a day, though you'll need to be pretty fit.
El Tucuche Reserve or Northern Sanctuary,
Maracas El Tucuche is the second highest peak at 3,072 ft. Forest with interesting flora and fauna such as the Giant Bromeliad, and exotic orchids. The Golden Tree Frog and various birds abound. They include the orange-Billed Nightingale Thrush. Hiking only. Several trails can be used. Guides can be hired. The most popular trail is the Ortinola from the Ortinola Estate.The climb up is steep, but the last two hours will keep you comfortably shaded in high-canopied tropical forest above 1,600 feet.
El Tucuche:
Trinidad's second highest peak. The El Naranjo Tropical Gardens on the side of El Tucuche is particularly beautiful: streams, flowers of many kinds, silk cotton trees and primary forest are well worth the effort to see.
El Naranjo Tropical Gardens
on the side of El Tucuche are particularly beautiful: streams, flowers of many kinds, silk cotton trees and primary forest are well worth the effort to see.
GETTING THERE: Accessible from Port-of-Spain along the Maracas Royal Road. The turnoff onto Acona Road is on the right, before the turn to Maracas Falls.  A guide is highly recommended to navigate the unmarked trail through old plantations, river beds and  2 mountain passes before you reach the trail that ascends the summit.
Hollis Reservoir
A rich birdwatching area in the foothills of the Northern Range. Clearance from WASA, the water authority in St Joseph, is needed to enter the reservoir area
Caurita Plantation:   Set 1,200 feet above sea level in the Northern Range, this 400-acre estate is another special nature center rich in tropical flora and fauna. Field trips are provided through the stream-lined mountainside, including special trips to Amerindian rock inscriptions found only in this area. The lodge has 4 double rooms with bath, two without.
Aripo Caves

The Aripo Caves
offer fabulous stalagmites and stalactites with oilbirds near their entrance. Trinidad's  largest cave system requires a lengthy hike and a good guide.
GETTING THERE: Located about four miles east of Arima, a steep road follows the Aripo River to Dandrade Trace, a distance of about 10 miles. Trinidad 's highest peak is El Cerreo del Aripo (3,083 feet), a noteworthy climb of nine miles that also leads to the Aripo Caves. Trailhead: About four miles east of Arima, a steep road follows the Aripo River to Dandrade Trace, a distance of about 10 miles.
The winding path can disappear to the unfamiliar, hire a guide!
The Aripo river is seasonal

The quiet village of Lopinot is nestled in one of the higher and most beautiful valleys of the Northern Range. It was developed as a cocoa estate in the early 1800s by a French count, Charles Joseph de Lopinot. It's said hia ghost still prowls his former home on stormy nights.  His restored estate house has been turned into a museum -- a guide is available from 10 to 6 -- and a center for parang, the Venezuelan-derived folk music and the traditional music of Trinidad Christmas.
 Take Eastern Main Rd. from Port of Spain to Arouca; look for sign that points north. COST: Free. OPEN: Daily 6-6.

Town located up in the winding hills near of Maraval Village, home to authentic parang music and folk traditions including the most famous gathering of blue devils during Carnival. Paramin is Download famous island-wide and in several Caribbean islands as the village where the very best seasonings are grown.  The hills of Paramin are also home to the country's authentic folk traditions and the very best in parang music

The Maracas Waterfall
is situated in the upper part of the Maracas valley, in the Northern Range north of St Joseph.  It's height of  91.5m. makes it the highest in TnT. Situated in cool, beautiful surroundings makes it a popular spot for picnickers, campers, swimmers and bird-watchers.   At the end of the Waterfall Road there is a car park where security and tours are provided by the participants of the National Service program under the Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources.  The remaining walk of 2.4 km. is an easy  hike from the road. Can be unimpressive in the dry season.

St Joseph
Trinidad's oldest European town and first official capital . Lined with fret worked French and Spanish architecture, it's one of the better places along the EMR to get a flavour of the East-West Corridor.

Maracas Lookout: Overlooking La Vache Bay, this is the last stop before Maracas Bay on the scenic north coast drive. You can sample local foods from the vendors and take in the incredible view.

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Tours: Northern Range & Coast
AJM Tours LtdA J M Tours ||
Port of Spain & Crown Port Airport Tobago
a comprehensive range of sightseeing tours and Destination Management.
Avifauna Tours || Trinidad Tours || Tobago ||
Diego Martin, Trinidad Tours- by wildlife photographer and naturalist R. Neckels USA.
Banwari Tours Bourg Malatresse, Lower Santa Cruz, t 675 1619
Cultural tours around Port of Spain and Chaguaramas, will do birding as well Caribbean Discovery Tours Ltd.  (9B Fondes Amandes, St. Ann's, Port of Spain, Trinidad,   t 624 7281. including  Stephen Broadbridge, A birding and wildlife specialist
El Tucuche Mountain Climb  El Tucuche is the second highest peak of the Northern Range. Fabled in Amerindian lore as a sacred mountain, it is today important to naturalists as the last refuge of species long extinct in South America like the Golden Tree Frog. Northern Range Exploration
 c/o Trinidad & Tobago Institute of Technology,
Esperanza Road, Brechin Castle, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago
1-868-679-6064 or 1-868-761-7680  Diego Martin Tel: (868) 632 9746
Hikes and camping trips are geared to all levels: Easy walks in natural surroundings; Moderate hikes in the rainforest; Strenuous rugged hiking and overnight camping trips into the mountain rainforests of Trinidad. Your guide Laurence “Snake” Pierre
Joy Tours, t 633 4733
Cultural tours around Port of Spain, trips to the islands off Chaguaramas, will do birding as well
(Piarco International Airport, Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago. PHONE: 868/669-5673 or 868/622-9073, )
Mountain Bike Tour of Northern Range
James Meddoo, Bamboo Grove Settlement, 1 Butler Hwy. (tel. 868/662-7356), who has explored the swamps for some 25 years. His 3-hour Caroni Bird Sanctuary excursion leaves daily at 3pm and costs US$10 per person, or US$5 for kids.
PanCaribeTours.comPan Caribe Tours
Trinidad Carnival Always and for Nature Lovers, with activities of all kinds, including snorkeling, birding, fishing and hiking. Paria Springs Eco-Community Ltd.,  specializes in guided exploration of challenging areas Managing Director, Courtenay Rooks
Sensational Tours & Transport
(47 Reservoir Rd., La Pastora, Santa Cruz, Trinidad and Tobago. PHONE: 868/676-2937 or 868/6687-7832, FAX: 868/676-3008,
The Travel Centre Eco-Tours  The Travel Centre, Trinidad, West Indies
Level 2, Uptown Mall, Edward Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, 
Go aboard the luxury yacht "Soca Samba" for a cruise around the mainland area of Chaguaramas and the offshore islands of Monos, Gasparee and Chacachacare
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