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Learn more about 2007 Carnaval San Francisco Queen Marina & King Dario



King Everett and Queen Kellita at the 2008 Competition

 SAN FRANCISCO – While many cultures tell their stories of stunning grace and beauty in the form of dance, there's only one Carnaval San Francisco spirit – and the couple who can work it the best will walk away with the crowns at the Carnaval San Francisco King and Queen Competition, on Saturday, March 29 at 8:00 p.m., at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco.
Learn more about 2007 Carnaval San Francisco Queen Marina & King Dario

Eight finalists, all of whom were chosen from an original group of 24 contestants during a preliminary competition at the de Young Museum in February, will make a sizzling bid to win the top slot at the 30th annual Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade and serve throughout the year as the Ambassadors on Carnaval San Francisco.

 Judged by a seven-person panel of leaders from the Bay Area's artistic community, contestants will strut their stuff in one of four styles of Carnaval dance: Traditional (Folkloric), Brazilian, Caribbean and Contemporary/Fusion. Each contestant will be scored in the categories of dance performance ability, costume, authenticity (cultural or stylistic), Carnaval spirit, audience reaction and overall presentation.

The winning pair will receive a cash prize of $500 each, and will grace the royal float in the Carnaval San Francisco Grand Parade on Sunday, May 25, which will be broadcast live on KRON 4 The Bay Area's News Station and Telemundo.

NBC 11's Janice Edwards will emcee this captivating competition, [] which also features entertainment by Bat Makumba, DJ Vanka, former King and Queen winners and others. 
There will be Judges representing various fields of their disciplines in the arts, music and more, including Mission District homeboy and 98.1 KISS FM Radio DJ Host "Tony Sandoval."

Come and be a part of 
Carnaval SF Crowning History!
as we select the King & Queen of the 
30th Anniversary of Carnaval San Francisco
  Bat Makumba
  While we wait for the judges to complete the tabulations and ruminations there will be a Special Guest Performance by one of the most popular fusion groups to come out of the SF Bay Area international music scene. 
Come get a groove on from the Brazilian Fusion Sounds of
 "BAT MAKUMBA!" If you've not seen performance or heard their music, then you are sure to be amazed the first time you do! The rhythms of this Brazilian funk/rock band are pulsating and fiery combining an remarkable variety of styles into something completely fresh, yet totally compelling. There's more than just musical talent here as the veteran performers know how to fill not just the stage but the entire hall.

Bat Makumba are:

  • Alex Koberle on lead vocals and guitar
  • Carl Remde on bass, vocals and electronics
    Emiliano Benevides on percussion and vocals

the trio is rumored to be coming out soon with their long-awaited second CD. At the recent #1 get together for rising musical acts held in Austin, Texas -- South by Southwest Bay Macunda the got "the nod.""The San Francisco band of two Brazilian natives and an American bassist delivers tropicalia and forro filtered through ska and punk rock and clothed in a party atmosphere. Every year, one must-see has to be a highly visual act and Bat Makumba gets this year's nod."
Must See at SXSW 2008" by  (Read More)

So come on down and get your body  moving to the fun exciting beats of Bat Makumba who will most certainly get you on your feet! Come and meet the artists, the outgoing 2007 Carnaval San Francisco Royalty and all who have shared the dream of a world ruled by peace, love, song and dance. Come with us and share in expressions of the Carnaval Spirit as it comes alive during the Carnaval 2008 Countdown season!

When: Saturday, March 29th, 2008.
Where: All LIVE at CLUB 1015, 1015 Folsom Street, San Francisco, Ca.
94103. (located on the corner of 6th & Folsom Streets)
Time: Doors Open at 7:00 / 7:30 PM Admission: $15.00 Advance / $20 at
the door.
Bat Makunda will be playing one set at 9:30pm

produced by Mission Neighborhood Centers Inc. Tickets purchase on-line at

VENUE: 2008 King & Queen Finals

1015 Folsom Street
(between 6th St & Harriet St)
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 431-7444


Later the same evening, following  the selection of Carnaval SF 2008  King Everett and Queen Kellita the club filled up with folks dancing till the sun rose up- sort of an electronic Jouver't morn
The FOUR dance floors were awesome. The seating area was very convenient on both the main floor and the bottom - unlike a lot of clubs that make their only seating areas VIP. Also - parking was INCREDIBLY easy to find!

---Leily P.Oakland, CA @ yelp

So if you plan to go here, I would suggest to just be with 1-2 other people (because you will lose each other) and choose a room with the music you like best... because as the night goes on, it will get more packed since they usually close at 4 or 7 am!!!

---Ms. T L.Daly City, CA

The main dance floor is outrageous (love the dry ice machine) and the clientele generally very cool.  There is a side room spinning hip-hop that makes for a good oasis when the main room starts to overwhelm.  Bartenders all seem pretty friendly and hard working, and I've never had to wait long for a cocktail.  I guess the worst thing that's happened once I got in was losing my friends for a couple of hours (the place is friggin' HUGE and packed to the rafters), so make sure you and your mates all get cell phone service in the club in case you get separated.

---Jason P. from Oakland, CA
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