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Who Are the Neolithic People

The Neolithic, (Greek neos=new, lithos=stone, or "New Stone Age") is traditionally the last part of the stone age. Thus "Neolithic" does not describe a chronological term, but refers instead to the earliest phases of sedentary communities and farming in any given region.

The name "Neolithic" is associated with a suite of specific behavioural and cultural characteristics including the growing of crops and the use of tame animals. From about 10000 to 8000 BC this was limited to simple crops (both wild and domestic) and the keeping of sheep and goats, but by about 7000 BC it included domestic cows, pigs, permanently or semi-permanently inhabited settlements and the use of pottery.

With very small exceptions (a few copper hatchets and spear heads in the Great Lakes region) the peoples of the Americas and the Pacific remained at the Neolithic level of technology up until the time of the European contacts. However, it is important to note that technological complexity does not correlate with social complexity

wiki/neolithic last visited these topics in 2001 as part of the examining the mythical meaning of the Voyage of Columbus when we pointed out the most popular date used for the shift to the age of Aquarius is Winter Solstice 2012
It's good to remember these rites of passage that mark the end of who we were and the beginning of who we will become, and the images that supported us in our crossing.
Marion Woodman-- The Ravages Bridegrrom
The spectacle of old age would be unendurable if we did not know that our psyche reaches into a region held captive neither by change in time nor by limitation of place. In that form of being our birth is a death and our death a birth. The scales of the whole hang balanced.
C.G. Jung Letter, 23 DEC-1950



has also kept time with the ages 

Prehistory for us begins following the last ICE AGE in 10,000 BC to 3000BC and is most noteworthy for agriculture and ship building. The Great Sphinx in Egypt references this age (Temple_of_Esneh) and it has not been disproved that the incredible monument was actually built during this time. Evidence of the first cities does not begin till 7500BC in today's Turkey (Cancer) Little is known about the first
civilization which began on the nearby island of Crete but their goddess and bull symbols from later times are well known to us through the Greek myths. Their palace culture indicates their place as the first traders of the Mediterranean and the need to use knowledge of the stars to navigate. 

CRETE: The star constellations Taurus & Perseus show prehistory's ability to speak across the millenniums through the symbology of the spheres

 The Sumerians written language explained a system of astrological observation which was many millennium in the making. Based upon the how the night sky of stars shifts over generations it understood humanity as a reflection of the planets, the earth and a cycle that repeats itself every 26,000 years divided by 12.   According to this system known as the Precession of the Equinoxes, the planet isDownload shifting from the age of  Pisces (opposing fish) to the age of Aquarius ( water carrier, water, siren, and increasingly as a space ship)

IRAQ: Zodiac wheel first originated in ancient Babylonia [Iraq today] . The question of other civilizations knowledge before this time is one of the most popular debates in the lively on-line discussions about prehistory. more

The Maltese archipelago was permanently settled for the first time during the closing centuries of the 6th millennium BCE and was inhabited by communities from 5000 - 2300 BCE. The highly sophisticated temple architecture of this period were repositories of some of the most compelling art produced in the Mediterranean world during this time. Over 40 temple sites have been discovered from these times on the two small islands leading many to speculate whether Malta might have been a sacred island in those early days, where people living in the Mediterranean's first cities would travel to their excellent natural harbors on a pilgrimage to worship and give thanks. Others say Malta today was the top of a sacred mountain and that there are other temples underneath the sea.

Both the great pyramids and Stonehenge are best understood as mathematical illustrations of the universe. Astrologists and scientists can find knowledge in the planetary alignments and mathematical proportions expressed in the designs of these structures. Some of the Maltese Temples, constructed 1000 years earlier are aligned with the the equinox and solstices of the year. The altar above references zodiac symbols but its message is not clear. Planetary alignment has also not yet been demonstrated in this field dominated by intrepid amateurs.

Precession of the Equinoxes illustrated
It takes 72 years for the precession to move 1 degree, 2,160 years for one Age, and 25,920 for the entire cycle to repeat. According to this cycle we are now at the opposite pole of the age Leo when the ice age or the last great cataclysm on earth occurred around 11,000 BC. We have been experiencing the shift of the Ages since the Italian Renaissance which recovered the knowledge from prior ages reflected in the Greek myths. Visit our short history of the Ages of Aquarius, Pisces and Aries here


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The author explains Gilgamesh was written not, as is commonly thought, as an epic tale of a great king, but to help the civilization's consciousness shift more gracefully into the next age as defined by the precession of the equinoxes. Using the zodiac symbols still common today, this was the shift from Taurus the Bull to Aries the Ram. Mr. Ellis makes a further provocative and compelling case that Joseph, who in the Old Testament, led the Jews out of Egypt to the promised land, was also a consequence of a shift in the ages, which occurred around the year 2000 BC. We are currently again on the cusp of a shift in the ages between Pisces the fish and Aquarius the water carrier.

Gilgamesh the Hunter by Ralph Ellis at

Gilgamesh took the axe, he slung the quiver from his shoulder,and the bow of Anshan, and buckled the sword to his belt;and so they were armed and ready for the journey.

In stellar terms, the allusion is again quite plain: the axe in the right Downloadhand, the bow in the left hand, the sword hanging from his prominent belt - it is likely that Gilgamesh was not a king, but instead the Sumerian term for the constellation of Orion. Take a look at a diagram  of Orion, quite remarkably this constellation has all the attributes ascribed to Gilgamesh. If so, however, Gilgamesh was likely to have been written as an epic of the heavens, an impending battle of the constellations; and the greatest of all the constellations, Orion, was arming himself to do battle with the cosmos. But Gilgamesh (Orion) does not know the way, so it is only fitting that he needs Enkidu (the meteor or Sirius?) to lead him:

Let Enkidu lead the way, he knows the road to the forest [of stars] ... the mountain of cedars, the dwelling place of the gods.

The ancient tale describes exactly the purpose of Gilgamesh's (Orion's) quest - it is to slay the constellation of Taurus the Bull.

Egyptians in one of the earliest records (3168 B.C. )of their hieroglyphics took the opportunity to show the shift from the age of Gemini (the twins) to the Age of Taurus on Narmers_Palette.
Crescent horns of the bull
from Civilization of the Goddess, by Marija Gimbutas
The horned imagery can be traced from the Paleolithic; a rock painting from Africa shows the Goddess or a Priestess wearing a horned headdress with what has been interpreted as either a field of grain or rain held between the horns. Either interpretation indicates the connection between horns and the creation-preservation-regeneration concerns of the Paleolithic Goddess imagery.
It takes 72 years for the precession to move 1 degree, 2,160 years for one Age, and 25,920 for the entire cycle to repeat.


From Great Goddess to Jealous God ....The first traces of dissent in the age-old Goddess civilization were noted around 4000 BC according to archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, somewhere in Anatolia or Southern Russia. It happened at about the same time as the development of metal working, the domestication of horse and camel, and the first local excess-population problems resulting from successful agriculture. It is likely that all these conditions contributed to the upcoming breakdown.
 The Goddess civilization had been centrally nurtured from Malta and as long as regular contact with this center was maintained, any dissent was insignificant"
The correlation between both the old testament and the new testament with their respective ages of Aries the Ram (2000 BC to 0) and Pisces (0 to 2000 AD) is remarkable. This little discussed science of the universe is well established as an organizing principle of the known civilizations of prehistory. The people who built the temples of Malta between 5000 and 2300 BC were most likely best associated with the age of Taurus.  Given that the agrarian skills that made it possible to build Cities began as far back as 10,000 BC their age might even belong to one of the three ages preceding Taurus the Bull (4000BC to 2000 BC.  However, the disappearance of the Maltese temple building people between 2500BC and 2000BC does point to the emergence of a new dominant cycle of Aries emerging  as described in the above epic story of Gilgamesh.

The lack of evidence, despite much archaeological effort, to show Maltese villages associated with the temples or even corresponding civilizations on nearby Sicily points to either a seafaring people who periodically conducted their sacred rites on Malta or villages located underwater as in the story Plato described about an ancient advanced sunken island nation known as Atlantis.


The Neolithic age, which spans the end of the ice age (Leo 10,000 BC) till the twilight of Taurus (1500 BC) had a significant grasp of seafaring through navigation by the stars. Some say all the continents had been populated by 6,000 BC through water travel.


Evidence For Atlantis?
Atlantis Conference: Searching for a Lost Land 11-13 JUN 2005 --Is Gozo Atlantis? Milos Island Greece

At least 23 sites where megalithic temples once stood are known today in an area of only a few square miles. Some of the structures were ruined in antiquity, some have been lost forever due to modern construction, yet some are still standing after all this time -- right through every event in recorded history.  more

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