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Eras defined by a living earth in relation to the the rhythms of the Universe is an ancient truth which can only now be told.

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This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
The night sky of the annual Spring Equinox sees different patterns of star constellations as the earth wobbles in its rotation. The wobble was first noticed by the Babylonians who measured a complete cycle as lasting 25,920 years.  The appearance of 432 (25,920 / 60 ) in ancient writing is a reference to this esoteric knowledge as well as our relation to the universe. 
An average heart beats an average of 60 beats per minute or 86,400 per day and we breath an average 21,600 per day both obvious factors of 432. The precession of the equinoxes was first explained by Isaac Newton in 1687 but its existence to those who navigated by the stars was thousands of years old. 

When the Moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace shall guide the planets, and love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius ..

The exclusion of astrological wisdom from the church is indicative of the loss of the cosmic dimension of church life in theology, liturgy, and preaching  
Benedictine Father Gerhard Voss


It is the stars as not known to science that I would know, the stars which the lonely traveler knows.
Henry David Thoreau



Procession of the Equinoxes

Each degree of this rotation known as the the Precession of the Equinoxes  is 72 years and each of the 12 ages, named after signs of the zodiac, is 30 x 72 or 2160 years. This wobble or precess is the movement of the earth on its axis of rotation in a very, very slow circle that makes the constellations appear to drift in the opposite direction relative to the Earth. 
Students of ancient history will note Pisces Icon the remarkable correspondence with the great movements in history, Christianity and  the its shared fish symbol known in the Zodiac as Pisces correspond well with the last 2000 years.

The time of the old testament is also the era of Aries the  Ram.  The blowing of the ram's horn is associated with the ushering in of the biblical festivals of Israel. It is connected with God's provision to Abraham of a ram for sacrifice, in place of his own son, Isaac.
The stories of the old testament where the printed word and the banishment of polytheism fought the syncretic diffusion of the deities in all direction from Egypt where the first documented Carnivals took place during the age of Taurus the bull. The last great rival to Christianity in Europe was the preferred religion of Roman soldiers and was based on the position of the stars during the age of Taurus when Egyptian civilizations flourished

[Taurus the Bull]

"The Mysteries of Mithra, which came to flower in the near east during the Hellenistic age as a kind of Zoroastrian heresy, and in the Roman period was the most formidable rival of Christianity... Celebrants wore masks representing animals of the Zodiac: for astronomy was undergoing a new development in this period through an application of Greek thought to the data of the centuries of Sumero-Chaldean observation. In all religions of the age, the Zodiac had come to represent the bounding, ever revolving sphere of time - space - causality, within which the unbounded Spirit operates unmoved yet moving in all."
Joseph Campbell

Mithras and the End of Time 
In this article, Doug Orton explores the origins of the Mithraic mysteries and the cycle of the zodiacal


Age of Aquarius

DATES who predicted when 
  • The best sign of transition to a new reality associated with Aquarian principles is the world wide web.
  • The slow be gradual increase in the study of comparative religions in education is surely a good sign. "Jesus, Kristna and Buddha all denounced hypocrisy and dogmatic religious intolerance and all three Saviors are born from Immaculate Virgin mothers and die either on or under trees. All are connected with crosses which are symbolical of the three-fold powers of creation. And , All three ascend to Paradise, Nirguna, and Nirvana respectively. Hindu, Sumerian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Mexican, Celtic, Scandinavian, German, and Egyptian gods also have similar births and deaths. So, if these gods and saviors all led similar lives and taught the same universal truths, why are we fighting over religious differences?" UnityInDiversity  || at Cross Circle  
  • definition of the elusive date for the Beginning of the Age of Aquarius is when you and your circle of friends recognized Carnaval as the featured holiday in your calendar.
There are many lists on the web of seers, scientists, and prophets who had distinguished themselves in predicting a major shift in the story of humanity. The most telling aspect is how 95% come within 2% or 144 years of the 2012 the Mayans put so much faith into.  This winter solstice 2012 or December 21st date offers a fascinating planetary alignment with the Milky Way in addition to being the longest night of the year. Countdown to 2012
  The Mystery Number of the GODDESS  
432 x 60
Five hundred doors and forty withal
I ween that in Valhalla be:
eight hundred warriors through one door hie them
when they fare forth to fight the Wolf.

Eddas Grimnismäl and myth explained
Please note: 540 x 80 = 432,000  Odin who may also be  Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent of Mayan Aztec fame  From The

While the ancient world used 72 years as one degree 2160 (72 x 30) as one age and 25,920 as the full cycle others have said the actual the better figure is a  prime  number of 2143 years where a full cycle would be 25,716.  We were unable to locate any information on the web regarding the discrepency but you may wish to try using google 

Astrology: Between Religion and the Empirical
Dr. Gustav-Adolf Schoener
Translated by Shane Denson

Like the Sumerian-Babylonian astrology, which attempts to describe the great world-scale events, as well as individual persons, in connection with the divine order of the cosmos, the Egyptian astrology attempts to see this connection above all from the therapeutic or medicinal (heilkundlich) perspective. But in Egyptian astrology, wellness (Heil-Sein) does not just mean recovery from individual infirmities. The truly basic thought is a comprehensive one. Each person is a microcosm in which all the divine powers of the cosmos are present in the various organs and parts of the body. If these powers are in harmony with each other, the person will be healthy and live in harmony with the macrocosm in which the same divine order prevails.

Both currents of astrology, the Mesopotamian and the Egyptian, flow together in the Hellenistic period, are stimulated by other religions and philosophies, and find entrance into the great religions—into Judaism and Christianity, and later Islam as well.

This psychological astrology thus relies upon the personal experience in direct dialogue between client and astrologer. It thus follows that scientific evidence, in a strict sense, for the correspondence of horoscope and psycho-diagnosis is probably not possible. Among other reasons, astrology is therefore also not a recognized science.

In contrast to psychology. It is a scientifically recognized discipline because it works with certain empirical and theoretical methods. It is true that astrology is supported by experience as well, but it has difficulties identifying empirically testable results and consequently enjoys hardly any scientific recognition.

The matter of the nature-religious image of the cosmos which astrology teaches, the mysterious connection between the heavenly bodies and human beings, can no more be settled with present-day scientific methods than the question whether there is life after death, purgatory, or karma and reincarnation. When astrology views the cosmos as a living organism, this is thus a religious idea such as we know from, and respect as such in, nature religions.


zodiac WienC.U.R.A. (Centre Universitaire de Recherche en Astrologie) is  open to researchers,  practitioners and sympathizers of astrology.
It aims at involving the enlightened public as well as that of specialists (in particular anthropologists, philosophers and epistemologists) in examining the viability and relevance of astrology as it takes steps to advance knowledge. 
The aim of C.U.R.A. is to monitor astrology by taking care that this multimillenary knowledge not be ruined by media hype, does not degenerate into the horoscope trade, and does not become obliterated by partisan research.

Astrology: The Manifesto 3/4 by Patrice Guinard, Ph.D.
-- translation Matyas Becvarov
a scholarly examination of ancient evidence including support for the Babylons having invented the zodiacal division of twelve equal signs but probably were unaware of the
precession and rejecting the claim that Hindus used the system 1,000 years before


  The Humble Approach from 
Extremely knowledgeable and authoritive yet reaching conclusions at odds with current thinking. 
Has the Age of Aquarius Arrived?
Precession of the Equinoxes
       by Naomi Bennett
Article Here
  All they ask is that we honor them for telling us where and when to look for the new beginning.
The battle of the gods that caused the loss of the Golden Age and the Promised land was a battle between the eternal cosmic perspective of the infinite past and future, and the present personal perspective.

 These two gods struggled mightily for centuries, and when Caesar August took the throne of Western Civilization, the present personal perspective overpowered the eternal cosmic perspective. Expediency began to consume common sense. Our modern culture is just the product  of selfish enterprise, while our religions speak of the future days when the cosmic enterprise will come again. 
How did we lose that unified perspective of present personal perspective of the eternal cosmic essence? Was it just the cycle of the seasons in the cosmos? 
Can we restore the image of the Golden Age without losing the battle for self awareness? Can Horus and Seth on opposite sides to stop the great cosmic mill? 

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