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The Curse of

Explorer, Destroyer, and Messenger

recapturing the Lost Soul 
of the New World as 
we countdown to 2012

CURSE of Columbus 

Lacking historical self-confidence
To know an acceptance of the past
As crucial soil to nourish the present
To shape models of society
Patterns of community
Type of development
Build the new on foundations of the old
To develop from my own genius
Scrap negative aspects of my own, if any
Respect everything the world has conquered
In the service of mankind
Liberation in my mind
Must the curse of Columbus live in me forever?
by Biggie Tembo - lyrics posted at Records from the "Skin" abum
"The key question about the sort of society that issued from the mixing of people following Columbus' voyage has always been whether diversity is a blessing or a curse.
R. S. McElvaine

"In 1492, the Jewish community of Spain was expelled or forced to convert. Millions of Moors suffered the same fate. The fall of Granada in 1492, ending eight centuries of Moorish sovereignty, allowed the Spanish Inquisition to extend its barbaric sway. The stage was set for the decline of Spain, and also for the racism and savagery of the world conquest -- 
"the curse of Columbus" ..."
Noam Chomsky. & Indigenous Peoples Day

Fuc de Colon
In Dominican folklore, a Dominican who inadvertently speaks the name of Columbus must immediately cry out "Zafa!" to deactivate the jinx
Santo Domingo's 
 Colon Memorial Lighthouse

In 1992, the Dominican Republic's President Joaquin Balaguer dedicated a modern version of King Tut's tomb to house the remains of the great explorer. Today, many believe it too is cursed 
The 1st Voyage: Columbus leaving Palos
Painting by Joaquin Sorolla y Basitda

Columbus' voyage to America began a legacy of European  brutality, slavery and slave trading on an unprecedented scale, major ethnocide primarily through disease, and also large scale conquest and subjugation administered with merciless military superiority. 

Looking back, the 500th birthday of the Americas in 1992 was more far more messy fracas than transcendental. The Americas had too many festering grievances with their history to celebrate the moment.   
The quincentenary anniversary of the age of discovery had marketing types salivating with hopeful excitement that their version of a phoenix rising would translate to commercial success, but instead the roar of outrage was silencing.

For millions, the 500th anniversary of the voyage represented a chance to collectively air their dismay at the centuries of European and even American imperialism, subservience and enslavement imposed primarily by brutality. Even racism itself, a concept as old as the tribes of the human race, was blamed on white European intellectuals as having been invented to justify the atrocity of the Atlantic slave trade 

Two centuries earlier, the United States had rediscovered Columbus as a symbol of individualism and escape from Old World tyranny. He was the original frontiersman who challenged the unknown sea and brought back stories that fired the imagination of a new beginning where all would be possible. Today, the great discoverer remains not only a symbol of Italian heritage and the age of discovery but also the crimes committed against the indigenous peoples, and four hundred years of mostly African slavery following the European diseases which wiped out 90% of the native populations. Thus, the number of people who celebrate Columbus day as Indigenous people day continues to grow.

Yet, Cristobol Colon was a man whose belief in the greater glory of God led him to ride the waves of a destiny, which opened the doors to the greatest mixing of the peoples of the earth. With this sea of change comes ongoing tension and our own challenge to find diversity more blessing than curse. explores the mythical figures & movements of the
past present and future

As Carnaval is deeply rooted in the impulse to celebrate the rebirth of life in Spring following the death of Winter, we though it best to revisit Columbus, man and myth for 2002 in time for the  510th anniversary of the Americas.  If all goes well, the wounds will be healed enough to truly celebrate the 520th birthday. The year 2012 has been perceived for millennia by Mayan and Egyptian priests as the dawn of the 6th age, or age of Aquarius. more

Nueva Vida: New Life A Time for Carnavals
Remembering 510 Years of Resistance, Celebrating Our Diversity on Indigenous and Immigrant People's Day, and moving forward at the dawn of a new age of freedom for truth, beauty and wisdom. The chance to joyfully celebrate who we are today. For this we pray or party more

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