London makes its case as the capital of Europe on many levels. Certainly its ability to overwhelm you with the intensity of it's urban sprawl is impressive. There is always a host of new attractions waiting to be explored. Begin with a copy of a good street map which includes the extensive underground transit system. Central London is a good place to get the bearings you need to enjoy London as the great walking City it truly is.

Don't miss some of the ever-popular landmarks, in between you might do a few of the many museums. London is famous for its great variety of shopping from the grandeur Harrods in Knightsbridge to the handmade crafts at Covent Garden. Soon the London nightlife will buzz with excitement. Live theatre is a must but there is so much more to choose from as well. A good way to decide is to sit a spell in a pub and soak up your pint amidst the friendly atmosphere while you appreciate the unique London lifestyle.


General Information

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"For the visitor, too, London is a thrilling place - and since the beginning of the new millennium, the city has also been overtaken by an exceptionally buoyant mood. Thanks to the lottery and millennium-oriented funding frenzy of the last few years, virtually every one of London's world-class museums, galleries and institutions has been reinvented, from the Royal Opera House to the British Museum. With the completion of the Tate Modern and the London Eye, the city can now boast the world's largest modern art gallery and Ferris wheel; there's also a new tube extension and the first new bridge to cross the Thames for over a hundred years. "

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  The Evening Standard is integrated into the powerful and elegantly designed web site.
TimeOut-l.gif (4296 bytes) Time Out-London
The hard copy Guide is popular with residents too but alas no search to review their insightful and timely hits on the almost present
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Order their CD or video

Official London Tourist Board  || Directory || Local Authority (35) || Chamber of Commerce (4) ||Tourist Board (2) 
London Tourist Board (LTB) deep database with an emphasis on its large tourist industry membership  In London dial (0891) 505 440. Find multi-lingual help at LTB information centers, including Victoria Station, Heathrow Airport and Waterloo International.

Web Links Guides.
Cumbersome design but plenty of content

Live Weather Cam
looking up the river Thames, showing Big Ben and Parliament
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 [F] Mayor of London: Ken Livingstone
our guide to the People's choice; from a global festival perspective.
After sixteen years of being the only major city in the world not to have its own governing body, London  elected a mayor and assembly in 2000 with the creation of  a new The  visionary Mayor Livingstone was easily reelected  in June of 2004.

At the center of London is the City of London which is administered by its own distinct body, the Corporation of London, which predates the London boroughs and has its own Lord Mayor

Where to Stay

An explanation of how the rating systems works.
Hotels in Londonby roughguides/travelnow
British Hotel Reservation Centre (BHRC)
Nice database of good descriptions w/ pics inc. map click on for London, 10,000 UK places to stay, most w/ BHRC discount.'s London Hotels on the Net
Excellent global travel resource as well featuring over 100,000 travel links.
Smith Hound's Hotel & Guest House Directory
London has > 80 detailed listings (UK by City too) Try the E-Mail-to-fax, prices inc\ discounts for mentioning service. Maps too.
Elegant English Hotels
These three hotels are converted Victorian townhouses in the heart of South Kensington & Chelsea - London's cultural and fashion centres.

Clarendon Serviced Apartments
Short term corporate housing
in Richmond Surrey.

Book a London hostel
Rooms start at US$17 dozens of options in most neighborhoods too

Exceptional values available!
 Hotels now feature traveler reviews

List of London Hotel web Sites:
Bed & Breakfast /Apartments
Accommodations Guide & Marketplace by
Your most important travel decision. Check out our expanding list of options and links for getting the right place at the right price 
Last minute option:
If you arrive without a place to stay there is still the British Hotel Reservation Centre at Heathrow Airport (Terminal 123 and Terminal 4 Tube Stations, Heathrow), Stanstead Airport, or Victoria (mainline train and coach stations).
Where to Eat
It wasn't so long ago that Britain was derided for the state of its cuisine but that has given way to a world class reputation for fine dining. New restaurants open with increasing regularity, and the 12,000 plus establishments offer a wide range of cuisine unequaled anywhere in Europe. This extraordinary renaissance led by an increasingly sophisticated palate of the middle class has raised soy, salsa and sauces to equal standing with mustard, gravy and mint sauce. British chefs now believe it is the French and Italian who need to learn from them.
Powerful search by many fields with results sorted by 15 City districts Online booking,
Your reviews are what count 

Advanced Search features include: Area Search, Alfresco, Business, By the River, Entertainment, Fine Dining, Function Rooms, Gastro Pubs , Group Booking, Michelin Stars, Out of Town, Pre-Theatre, Romantic,
Rooms With A View, Take Away , 15.00 and Under,
3,500 restaurants with all kinds of feedback including TOP 20 by category, polls, most recent reviews. Plus on-line booking and menus
Eatingby roughguides/travelnow

Pubs & Drink

One of the best cases for formation of City government in London is the antiquated liquor licensing laws which require drinking establishments to close at 11pm. truly an embarrassing state of affairs for a global city. A commission to study the dissatisfaction has been formed but has no sense of urgency to it. So keep your preferred night cap in your room unless you have a friend with membership in the many private clubs. She can tell you everything you need to know about the most exclusive London restaurants, the most fashionable clubs and bars, and where to go party hopping
High rated by google but beware it wants to dump a load of spyware onto your browser and its tiresome getting to outside links.
Here's the web's best free anitidote Spybot search & destroy

Starring a helpful map and  many detailed reviews.
LINK LIST: is surprisingly good & fresh

Getting Around
London's has one of the world's best public transport systems but it can be confusing for a visitor. Most Londoners use the Underground ('tube' or subway) as a means of getting around inside the city. However the bus services are also excellent, for that difficult to reach location. Failing that, hail a black cab who operate on a variety of metered tariffs. If you're heading out of town, you will be traveling by Rail, car or coach. If you wish to research the nearest toilet to your destination try the
Average car speed in London is 10 miles per hour and it is easy to get lost or stuck in traffic

Most of what you would think would be the City of London; Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Buckingham Palace, etc., is actually in the City of Westminster.The city is where you will find the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral. 

Here you'll find  Leicester Square which is surrounded by theatre, music clubs, Chinatown, London's  gay & lesbian neighborhood (centered around Compton Street)as well as the red light district

East London by

Discover the little known secrets of this non-tourist area
West London-Notting Hill by
Our web-guide to the Carnival neighborhood

For information including journey-planning advice try London Transport (24 hours) at 222-1234.
 Directory of UK Public Transport Websites
Directory of UK Public Transport Websites at
Comprehensive list, well organized with icons too


Transport for London provide a clever interactive map page as well as printable bus, tube and road maps. You can get a detailed map of the area from streetmap or multimap, and the government's 2006 route finder and transport information service works rather well and will give you directions from wherever you are to the tube station of your choice.

 [F] MAPS of London , UK, EU, & NH

Picture Map of London
Click on the attraction for a picture and description.Select a section for p/o plus a very smart Journey Planner..

What To Do
Best Of  || Information  || Guided Tours  || Books b || Explore London by roughguides/travelnow
Guided  Tour & Walk Directory by

River Trip Directory
London Walks
Come very well recommended Tel: +44 (0)171-624 3978
dozen options

WALKS or the few agencies that organize guided walks

Arts & Entertainment - EVENTS

 [F] EVENTS Guides for London

 [F] MUSIC NightLife, DJ's & Promoters
Entertainmentby roughguides/travelnow
to London's west end and more

Dance Check for what's on

Theatres  all the news, what to see and how to book - here at the official site of the Society of London Theatre
London Theatre Guide
Theater Lover Guide w/many reviews & insights inc\ the Fringe.

Theater Direct International

New York/London theatre ticketing service. Concise information on West End shows inc/ their price & 800 toll free booking #.

London Theatre Tickets - London West End Theatre Guide
London Theatre tickets and information for West End Theatres


Movie Theatres in the UK || West End
Alpha sorted by town w/ address, phone & # of seats.


BBC On-Line || TV Listings

Gateway to 200 sites using our increasingly popular side navigation bar system and lots of pop-up windows (which were not so sure about)

Music & Nightlife



Links guide to nearly 50 options

smalien-a.gif (10112 bytes)Dale's London Techno Events || Links

Ambitious, deep site for London's thriving Techno Club scene.

Dance music resource page by ||

Juno Records does house, garage, techno, trance, drum & bass,
hardcore, breakbeat & hip hop, downtempo/leftfield or all genres || Links
The insider's guide to UK music 
Explicit British Film Festival depbut Sept 2004

"Europe's real single currency has long been its tolerant attitude to bare bodies" with the exception of England but even London has softened in titters and attitudes 

Shops And Markets by roughguides/travelnow

Shopping Areas by
Covent Garden Regent Street  
 Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Charing Cross  Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus
Oxford Street Kings Road  
 Oxford Street, Marble Arch, Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road  Sloane Square
Bond Street Piccadilly  
 Bond Street, Green Park  Green Park, Piccadilly Circus
Jermyn Street Sloane Street  
 Piccadilly Circus or Green Park (and short walk)  Sloane Square, Knightsbridge
Charing Cross Road Brompton Road  
 Leicester Square  South Kensington (and short walk)
Tottenham Court Road Knightsbridge  
 Tottenham Court Road, Goodge Street, Warren Street  Knightsbridge
Portobello Road Savile Row  
 Notting Hill Gate, Ladbroke Grove  Oxford Street
Kensington High Street St. James's & Pall Mall  
 High Street Kensington  Green Park

Sports Check for what's on
Sportsby roughguides/travelnow

 London Landmarks (69)
Well done with strong details

Lonely Planets London
Good list w/ pics of London & most notable places to visit.

Museums, Galleries & Attractions (65) by Well done with strong details
Cabaret Mechanical Museum
Galleries by roughguides/travelnow

Day Trips
Monuments, Parks and Gardens (29)  -  Areas and Squares (17)  Trips Out of London 
London By Balloon by roughguides/travelnow

Things for Kids in London 
Now has it's own section with over 18 ideas in our aForum where you can contribute some tips or ask a question
Kids' Londonby roughguides/travelnow


Send a Postcard by
Pick from 60, nice stamp -sized slide show as well


Call 999 for Emergency EU visitors can get free medical treatment
Emergency & Embassy Contacts

Cockney Rhyming Slang 
Don't try this in the East End  "Gor Blimey, strike a light Guvnor (exclamation)! You can knock me down with a kipper if I'm tellin' yer porkies Missus! (Golly, I'd be really surprised if you thought I was telling you porky pies (Lies) Missus)!


Media -Mainstream
 [F] Media in our sub-site aforum

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No log-in is necessary to gain access to the fast search and deep inter-related archives of The Evening Standard

Requires log-in. to get up to speed quickly on New Britain try

Sunday Times Internet Edition
|| The Times Internet Edition

Comprehensive Editorial coverage, free after required log-in

Black Arts News & Culture

A to Z Black London History of Who's who by bbc
The Heart of Africa in the Heart of London
The Africa Centre aims to promote positive awareness about Africa, and to help to empower the African diaspora in the UK, and to support Africa's development aspirations

Latin American Arts News & Culture
They call it INFOLONDRES and they invite you to come visit and deepen your understanding about Brazil. for London

Gay & Lesbian Arts News & Culture 
London considers itself the Gay & Lesbian Capital of Europe
Lesbian And Gay Londonby roughguides/travelnow
Exhaustive guide to pubs, clubs, groups, accommodation, events, restaurants, and contacts in greater London.
Peter Boots' Gay, S/M, Leather Guide to London and New York
Banned on geocities

Gay times and Diva

Diva is the UK's only lesbian publication. Gay Times is Europe's best known and longest running gay news and features magazine.
Also guide to Clubs, Bars, Hotels Sports, & Shopping.

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