Brazilians have known for some time that Carnaval Salvador Bahia is unique. Although its style is the most imitated throughout the country there can only be one peak energy concentration of people party power. You don't have to dance in the streets to know your at the center of the greatest annual energy field created on the planet but it helps. 

With 200 plus Carnival groups parading over seven days, you can't find more groups or more people anywhere than at this great people's party in Brazil's other great historic seaside City.
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carnaval.salvador.ba.gov.br/ || Português || Espanhol ||English || vs the To English by google


.emtursa.ba.gov.br/ ||
English ||
The official host of what by most measures must be considered the world's largest annual People's Street Celebration.

Bahiatursa.gif (1691 bytes) www.bahiatursa.ba.gov.br  ||  
Service centers

Phone or in-person works better than e-mail or fax. Consult Bahia Toursa about alternative Carnaval events like Itapoã, the old fishing village where a whale is delivered to the sea  on the last day of Carnaval or other Carnaval events throughout the state in different months.

Terra - Carnaval 2004 - [ Translate this page ]

Terrahttp://carnaval2004.terra.com.br/ > to English by google not working
http://carnaval.terra.com.br > to English by google Carnaval 2003 > english || Carnaval 2002 > english


Terra's is the yahoo of Latin America and Spain
Argentina | Brasil | Chile | Colombia | Costa Rica | El Salvador | España | Guatemala | Honduras | México | Nicaragua | Panamá | Perú | Puerto Rico | Rep. Dominicana | Uruguay | Venezuela

2003 Carnaval Top Stories:

 TOP BRAZIL CARNAVAL PORTAL carnaval.terra.com.br/ ||  In 2003 Terra dropped coverage of Bahia's Porto Segura but still does nearby
Olinda-Recife >English

 UOL.com.br  http://noticias.uol.com.br/carnaval/ || to English by google||Brasil Carnaval NEWS by uol translated by google
2003 fotos
by folha.uol.com.br/
2004 ||
Salvador Carnaval by UOL.com.br  || 2005 || 2006 || 2003

 GLOBO.com Carnaval by ibahia.globo.com || by globo.com || 2004 || 2005 || 2006
Ibahia.globo.com/ || to English by google for News
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 muse of Salvador Carnaval:  Sheila Mello, Sheila Carvalho, Daniela Mercury, or Ivete Sangalo
Top 25 Muses of Rio Carnaval has proved very popular.

CarnAxe.com.br  || [F] Complete History to Axe Carnival Incredible number of pages  and beautiful graphics. Portuguese to English 


Dan Rosenberg produces www.afropop.org  which celebrates musical cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora Here's their Carnival archives || FORUM on Tropicalismo & cultural preservation 

Axé Carnaval in Salvador Bahia by carnaval.com
A short introduction to Axé pronounced ah-SHAY  and micarettas too.

français www.topdobrasil.com.br/bahia/ 


 [F] Carnaval Tales

1884 "Although the celebration already had a considerable size - mainly in the ballrooms - it is in that year that the organization of street festivities, and parades in clubs, car parades, floats and many popular ones actually started"

Trio Eléctricos History
This distinctive and sophisticated centerpiece of Salvador Carnaval began in 1950 with Dodô and Osmar.

Sabrinka at geocities last update 2001
Bahia! That's Carnaval at brazzil.com Feb. 2001
The promised land does not give up its treasures so easy
By Pravina Shukla 8/96 brazzil.com. A report on Carnaval '96 plus well done descriptions of the Lavagem do Bonfim and Festa de Yemanjá festiva

top Carnavals list  by world-party 
see where the editors ranked Salvador Carnaval on the since retired

Parade Connections  ||Top  ||
Licensed Entities by Emtursa.com.br
 || Emtursa.com.br ||     Groups | Travesty Groups
has seats on the barra in English & français
BLOCOS with Trio Electricos: ||Top  || iconNetinho at amazon
iconMargareth Menezes at amazon

Nethino has 9 discs at amazon  || Click top 3 CDs  for better prices & alpha-sorted selection of Brazilian Music at

Trio Electricos have come a long way since their introduction in 1950. Today they are huge moving stages with massive sound systems on the lower level and musical stars performing on top. Bands playing their own hit songs and the other popular songs of the Carnaval lead the "blocos" made up of thousands of young people wearing simple tunic costumes called "abadás" who are well protected from the surging masses of spectator participants by security guys holding rope barriers. 
Other member conveniences include toilets, food & drink   medical service should the need arise. 

 [F] Blocos & Bandas   

 [F] Historical Center: Batatinha Circuit ||
 [F] Grande Avenida: Osmar Circuit ||
 [F] Barra-Ondina: the Dodo Circuit ||
along the coast line from Oceânica Avenue in Barra to Ondina.

UOL Personalidades to English by Lycos Aru Ketu 
Eva Band
Eva Tablet
Tablet InterNet
Coconut Bamboo
Marcia Freire
Ricardo Keys
terra Samba
Daniela Mercury

Chiclete with Banana
Margareth Menezes
Osvaldinho of the Cuica
Zeca Pagodinho
Ary Barroso
Dorival Caymmi
Francisco Alves
João de Barro
Lamartine Babo
Noel Rosa
Nelson Cavaquinho


(ah-fo-shay) A traditional group which sings and dances in praise to the Candomblé divinities or orixás. The parade form is Salvador's oldest using atabaques, agogôs, xequerê as instruments and dancing in the rhythm known as "ijexá " 

The first Afoxés by emtursa.com.br  
A history

Filhos de Gandhy  
Rua Gregório de Matos, 53 - Pelourinho - Cep: 40025-060 - Fone: (071) 321-7073 e-mail:: gandhy@ssa.zaz.com.br 
Sons of Gandi is the most famous afoxe. The nearly 5,000 member all-male bloco is always a source of great anticipation. Founded in 1949 on the occasion of the City's 400 anniversary and as a way to honor the life work of the great Indian pacifist leader
Mahatma Gandhy who'd been assassinated the year before. You'll see members wearing turbans with a blue sapphire distribute beads and other joyful surprises to the delighted audience. 
Afro Blocos- Ilê Aiyê   ||Top  ||  

Axe (Ahh-shay) Music takes its name from an  Afro-Brazilian term meaning "peace be with you") and originated with the percussion of the Afro-bloco Carnival groups. The 200 Salvador Trio Electrico work year-round now taking their distinctive sound as far North as CanCun Mexico. Their success can be traced to Ijexá music introduced by Ilê Aiyê in the 70's who mixed in heavy rhythms from the Afro-Brazilian Candomblé religion to begin the ascendancy of Salvador's distinctive Carnaval traditions. 

new web site launched in time for 2001 Carnaval seaons

 [F] Ilê Aiyê : Bloco Afro in aforum  
Where we archive articles for the group as well as race relations in general for Salvador, Bahia

Ilê Aiyê Rua do Curuzu, 233 - Liberdade - CEP: 40365000
Fone: (71) 388-4969 / (71) 256-1013 - Fax: (71) 388-4696
Osmar Circuito on Sábado w/ Band'Aiyê
recognized as a founding leader (founded 1974) of a major movement which grew out of a desire for a stronger African political consciousness. Their Carnaval Saturday presentation is a centerpiece of Salvador Carnival.

"They have maintained this tradition of what it means to be Black in Bahia, to be poor in Brazil, singing about slavery, colonization, and pain."
Carlinhos Brown

More Afro Blocos
Afro Blocos  by carnabahia.com.br
 Ara Ketu   | Ara Ketu on Aforum
The first afro blocos to adopt an anti-racist attitude, accepting people from different social-economic situations, without prejudice against skin colour, sex or religion.
Rua das Laranjeiras, 22 - Pelourinho - CEP: 40025230
Fone: (71) 367-0084 - Fax: (71) 367-0084 E-mail: jesus@atarde.com.br
Famous for their dancers. Storefront in the Pelourinho

Carlinhos Brown Timbalada  ||Top  ||
1994 & still best seller w/ Carlinos 13+reviews amazon reviews
Irreverent, inimitable, and indispensable Carlinhos Brown is the King of Salvador Carnaval and an inspiration to Carnavalescos around the world. His recent collabroations with another Salvador institution   include '99's OMELETE MAN at bn.com  
Carlinos Brown & Timbalada

Don't miss all the flash and sounds at the official site  Carlinhos Brown and his Regional globalization  
Carlinhos Brown and his Carnival group Timbalada represent the best of Bahia Carnival.  A cultural hero and amazing talent Carlinhos maintains an admirable relationship with the streets where so many of his rhythms simmer before being launched  is his music academy.

Olodum  ||Top  ||

Search Olodum at CDNow
(1CD w/ sound samples)

OloDUM at amazon

Search Olodum at amazon.com (7 CDs)
Search bn.com for Olodum || (1 CD)

The most internationally famous Carnival group in all of Brazil is Olodum (pronounced oh-lo-doon). Founded in 1979 Olodum as an Afro bloco, Olodum has grown to become a major institution with many directors and numerous youth, health and public welfare programs centered around Salvador's historic Pelourinho district.  The group and its head drummer Mestre Neguinho do Samba is credited with creating the samba reggae (pronounced sam-ba heg-gay) sound, which dominates Salvador Carnival as well as numerous great classics songs which are covered by all the Carnival bands every year. Olodum traditionally begins its three Carnival parades in Pelourinho Square late on Friday, Sunday and Tuesday. 
 |Rua Gregório de Matos, 22 - Maciel
Pelourinho - Salvador - Bahia - Brasil Tel/Fax 55-71-321-5010 / 55-71-321-3208
 [F] OLODOM  in aforum 
Olodum Images by google

Olodum "Egito Madagascar" (Warner Brasil, 1987)
"Awesome, thunderously melodic percussion-and-chorus. This is the start of the whole samba-reggae sound, and it's an absolute classic. Reissued on a single CD, along with the equally great 10 Anos album."

Olodum at slipcue
discography review

African Music Encyclopedia: Olodum  '98
play samba reggae (pronounced sam-ba heg-gay), the group grew out of the blocos afros (Black carnival associations) tradition begun in 1974 in Bahia

By Pravina Shukla from brazzil.com 7/96. 
By Attila Narin last update '99

Parade Maps||Top  ||
Campo Grande: Find paid seating for 2000 which is often available as well as the press box, medical center and lots of  food & beverage tents. 
Kid's Place:
a special space close to the Osmar circuit. 
Castro Alves Square:  famous point of reference on the route especially Tuesday night till dawn 
Terreiro de Jesus and Praça da Sé Squares in Pelourinho: starting point for many African groups inc. Olodum, Muzenza & Filhos de Gandhy
Band Stands by City Hall  between Saturday and Tuesday,  will sponsor extensive programming of bands and  children's balls in five neighborhoods.
Barra - Ondina ,
 [F] Barra-Ondina: the Dodo Circuit  || Dodo Parade Map by emtursa.com.br || '96 Map
Barra means beach and here it is possible to enjoy the Carnival from a restaurant deck with the sea in the background. The safest of the three routes especially if your watching from your luxury hotel window

Campo Grande
 [F] Grande Avenida: Osmar Circuit | Osmar Parade Map by emtursa.br || '96 Map
Official Center of  the Carnival with grandstand seating for 2,500 and many vendor booths. A good place to watch parades. King Momo begins his reign here in a key ceremony with the Mayor of Salvador. Location of SAF  support services
Pelourinho   Batatinha circuit 
 [F] Historical Center: Batatinha Circuit || Calmer programming drawing from the tradition of old carnivals.  You will find a more relaxed Carnaval pace set amongst the famous dramatically lit colonial architecture.  A nice place to bring the family and enjoy the smaller groups of bloco afros, afoxés, and travestidos, who are not supposed to using any amplified music as they parade
Abadas/Costumes  ||Top  ||
NOTICE: Listing does not imply endorsement. Use at your own risk 
 [F] Marketplace
we list you abada brokers for free in this section 

DiskAbadas.com.br/ por_only.gif (293 bytes)
Pacote Evebary + CocoBambu: and info other Axé Carnavals por_only.gif (293 bytes)
huge foto section 


Local Music||Top  ||  
get up to speed by clicking on the artist biography Español

In Association with Amazon.com
 Best Selling Brazilian Music at amazon.com
best seling Brazilian at amazon
Virginia Rodrigues at amazon
Joe "Slipcue" Sixpack's Reviews at amazon.com
Gal Costa at slipcue 
MPB Diva and Tropicalia's Wild Child - A complete discography.
Gilberto Gil at amazon
 [F] BRAZILIAN Music what's new   [F] Fotos of Brazilian Music Stars  

Styles of Brazilian Music by Slipcue
Highly opinionated San Francisco based DJ Joe Sixpack is a straight shooter who will quickly move you forward in your understanding and appreciaton of the many styles and important  artists of Brazilian music  
 Brazilan Music Intro by wwoz.org  

uol.com.br/musica/  || to english by google 
Carnaval na Bahia 

Covers who's who and who's doing what to who in Brazil's music capital

Moraes Moreira 500 Sambas at amazon.com ||
"destined to produce several Carnaval hits for the 2000 parades"

RootsWorld: Brazil
Review of many CDs w\ promise of more

officially slow going

Ivete at amazon













Find over 360 Ivete Sangelo images with a bullet

 5-star Rave Reviews at Amazon.com  |













#1 Find over 770 Daniela Mercury  images 

GilbertoGil.com.br (English & SPANISH TOO) | OFFICIAL 
Great site by an icon of Brazilian music || Gilberto Gil's O Solo de Oslo

Click on the biography 
Gilberto Gil at slipcue
-- "Pop Music With a Bang and a Whimper."
complete discography
Gilberto Gil at amazon

CaentanoVeloso.com.br (SPANISH TOO) | OFFICIAL 
Caetano Veloso at slipcue
-- The King of Tropicalia
- A complete discography.
Together w\ G.Gil is considered the great pioneer of  

DVD at amazon soundtrack by CaetanoOrfeu music review || the CD || DVD too
"Who else but Caetano Veloso--the national treasure of Brazil--to record the soundtrack to the re-make of the film that introduced bossa nova to the world in 1959?"

 [F] Marisa Monte || Marissa Monte Discography at Slipcue Unlike most Salvador musicians who have let uol host their official site Marisa has kept control of her URL 

Beth Carvalho at cliqueMusic || in English by google lots of sound clips||  Beth Carvalho discography at slip cue
 -- the godmother of pagode samba
A legendary performer. full discography 
?408 BethCarvalho.com.br,

 Maria Bethania at slipcue 
MPB Diva Numero Uno - A complete discography.

Chico Science
The 30 year old creator of the Mangue Beat was tragically killed during the '97 Carnival in a car accident while traveling from Recife to Olinda. 

samba-choro.com.br  huge site we like

AxeMusic at tripod.com  
to english by google
Bahian Music by Bill Hinchberger for fuzzlogic.com '97
Bill, the dean of American journalists in Brazil, now has his own web site Brazilmax.com  
Photos  ||Top  ||

   Salvador [F] Fotos Salvador   
Like altavista we provide a sample image. Check out what's new 

which is always only two clicks away on our top row navi bar.  To find older shows or mpeges (standard format web movies) you need to log into aforum.com  and go to Archives & Mpegs
Savador Slide show
by Mary Dollar

Carnaval.com/Salvador '98 slide show by Mary Dollar

 [F] Fotos Recife-Olinda-Boa Viagem Carnavals

Fotos do Carnaval Agenda Salvador  || Photos of Carnival 2000 by uol.com

Galeria de Fotos   by  brasilfolia.net 


Carnaval Fotos by emtursa.com.br  Official City site
The Festival of Santana occurs in April. The City is only   107km from Salvador with 600,000  inhabitants.Bahia style Carnaval plays year round
uol/ ||  Carla Perez English by lycos
The official web site brings you plenty of Salvador's most famous dancer who now runs her own kid's Carnaval group 

Sounds  ||Top  ||
 [F] Brazil RADIO Stations On-Line by State
Comprehensive Index including sound file types  

non-stop jukebox of his tunes will play till you close your browser window

Radio MPB by musicalfm.com.br
Brazilian popular music on the net
The 24 hour (RealAudio) web radio station out of Itacaré, Bahia acts like a chamber of commerce for the region on the web and is a leading web presence for Bahia and Brazil
Timbalada w\ Carlinhos Brown
Go get your Agua Mineral WAV & more

Video LiveCam  ||Top  ||  
Videos of the Carnival

Salvador Carnaval 2002 by globo.com/
Vídeo by CarnaBahia.com.br  ||  TV Bahia - Bahianews

Tips  ||Top  ||
During Carnaval including  Approximate First Aid Locations  Special Public Transportation Stands  
DDD 071
Aeroporto 204-1010
Rodoviária 358-0037
Pronto Socorro 192
Ambulância 192
Polícia Militar 190
Polícia Civil 197
Farmácia Plantão 136
Disque Turismo 131
Lists of Links  ||Top  ||


 Free web hosting at the big guys like Geocities & Xoom is getting more expensive for your visitor but remember YAHOO (You Always Have Other Options) We like Fortune City in the UK  More info here in the connections page of Aforum.com

Nearly 50 links up from 20 in Jan. of 1999

Festivals & Holidays  ||Top  ||

Bom Jesus dos Navegantes 
January 1, 
Where:  On All Saints' Bay from Conceição da Praia church to the Chapel at Boa Viagem,
Good Jesus of the Mariners festival, sees hundreds of boats carrying the image of Good Jesus 

Festas de Reis
5 and 6 January Where: Igreja da Lapinha 
Also of Portuguese origin,

Lavagem do Bonfim
second Thursday in January
Where: nine-km Parade/Procession through the Lower City from Conceição da Praia to Bonfim church
 Festival culminates with Baianas blessing those present by showering them with lavender water and perform the traditional "washing (lavagem) of the steps" 800,000 participants including  trios elétricos who change the ritual atmosphere at the church to a party one so begin early and remember Oxalá, protects only those who go on foot, hence the local expression, "those with faith walk all the way

Yemanjá Festival
On the second of February 
Where: Rio Vermelho neighborhood & beach
the initiates of Candomblé pay homage to the Goddess of the Sea, who is represented symbolically by a mermaid. The festival takes place in the  of , an impressive manifestation of faith in the power of the "Mother of the Waters".

Festa de São João
When: 23 and 24 June Where:  on the streets
Fireworks and  genipapo, a local liqueur may be  liberally  consumed 
More Info: consider visiting the small beautiful Bahia town of for their celebration

Santa Bárbara
4 to 6 December Where: Rio Vermelho, at the Mercado do Peixe.
 the Candomblé festa of the markets. 

Festa de Nossa Senhora da Conceição
When: 8 December Where:  procession in Cidade Baixa 
followed by Candomblé ceremonies in honour of Iemanjá.

Passagem do Ano Novo
When: 31 December

New Year's Eve is a big deal through out Brazil especially on the beaches.

 <Festivals || Schedule of Events •  by bahiatursa.ba.gov.br 
It is said "when Bahians are not actually participating in a festival they are rehearsing for one."
Convention Center Events by BahiaToursa

Forum ||Top  ||
Carnaval-Fórum - [ Translate this page ] by globoforum.globo.com 
Which is the best Carnival? Rio, Salvador or São Paulo?
  • Rio's is the biggest spectacle in the Land! We are so fortunate that São Paulo and other cities like Porto Alegre, Curitiba, and etc. lives in copying! Marquinho i
  • The best question would be: Rio or Salvador? therefore SP in exists It does not advance the paulistanos to invest millions in the carnival. It will never have the magic of the Carioca carnival Fifi

Salvador in our aforum 

Carnavals Elsewhere (in Northeastern Brazil)
State of Pernambuco
The third great carnaval region of Brazil consisting of the urban state capital of Recife, the historic village of Olinda and the high-rise hotel beach resort of Boa Viagem. This is where the local frenetic dance of Frevo traces its origins to Lent processions. Rivalry between early Frevo Clubs played itself out through Polka march music performed by the men. When the women wanted to participate, Carnival Blocos were formed with ropes protecting the families from the wildness of the streets. During the day you may meet a Troça Carnavalesca Mista who have come to "wake the people up" with fun and ridicule or a parading  samba school.  Two distinctive Pernambuco costume traditions are the Turmas or clowns and puppets.
The popular  Maracatu tradition traces its origin to the coronation of Black Queens and  Kings following the abolition of slavery. The  word is thought to have originated as a drum password to stop the performance because police were coming. Today maracatu means Carnival  confusion and disorder. The  rural Maracatus  who come to Olinda to perforum in the street for Carnaval, evoke  African heritage with unique syncretic traditions found nowhere else. Likewise,  the Caboclinho Tribes  bring back the original inhabitants, the Indians whose dance performances are preserving  the story of their ancestors.

FREVO origins: Professor Waldemar de Oliveira writes that  this very singular dance has its origins in the movements of "capoeira"  followed by bandits who liked to perform  in front of their favorite bands. Thus police pursuit helped create the frevo styling eventually giving way to today's  "passistas."

 [F] Recife-Olinda Carnaval the other great Northeastern Carnaval 

 [F] Fotos Recife-Olinda-Boa Viagem Carnavals
 [F] Recife Travel Agencies 
 [F] Pernambuco Attractions & Beaches
 [F] Fernando de Noronha: Marine Sanctuary
 [F] Places To Stay in Pernambuco
 [F] WebGuides to Pernambuco & Recife
 [F] More Recife-Olinda-Boa Viagem Links 

Aforum will soon be releasing the Brazilian State of Pernambuco to the wider world wide web on Carnaval.com as our 3rd fully supported Brazilian region.  Aforum is not indexed by search engines but you can register to receive e-mail updates

Best web bet to date
Carnaval Photos
winner UNESCO award
Fotos Recife-Olinda-Boa Viagem Carnavals 

Galo da Madrugada || '97 Photos || '96 Photos ||
Lots of photos from Carnaval in Recife, Pernambuco
Olinda.gif (1839 bytes)  

Eu Acho e Pouco Carnavalesco

by Habeeb Salloum
" come to a city decked with colored lanterns, ribbons and streamers, enhanced by colored lights. Amid this embellishment, costumed parades, dancing, lively music and other organized events fill the streets of the old town, creating a magic world of enjoyment. 

MORE CARNAVALs of the NorthEast

Manaus Carnaval
MANAUS has a traditional CARNIVAL, that it retraces its history to the late 19th century. Today 120,000 people will party and watch the 18 schools of samba parade.
Itanhandu at geocities  || Photos
The town produces one of the biggest replays of Salvador Carnaval in April. The 60+ year tradition is called Mircareta and last for 5 days of wild partying and featuring the best of Salvador Carnaval and local blocos, samba schools and folklore groups.

Barreiras, Bahia has the second biggest tra
ditional Carnival in the state. Although it is hard to find on a map
Site Oficial do Maior São João
Campina Grande - Paraíba - Brasil

4 days 1st week in December
Memories from December's Natal Carnaval

More Links to Northeastern Carnavals & Festivals in Aforum.com
English gets very scarce but there is plenty of action

 [F] AXÉ CARNAVALS in Brazil 

Complete History to Axe Carnival
Best site on the web for Axe Carnival A comprehensive and inspired beauty.

ARCHIVES ||Top  ||

Carnaval 2002

Candomble  ||Top  ||
Brazil is noteworthy for the flexibility and syncretism of its spiritual practices. Candomblé, originally an African word denoting a dance in honor of the gods, is also a general term for the many Afro-Catholic syncretic cults of Brazil. Candomblé ceremonies are conducted in the Yoruba-Africa tongue and follows a polytheistic model of getting to know various divinities called Orixás (pronounced O-ree-sha) as they relate to your path in this world. Each of these psychic energy models or archetypes is represented by a Catholic saint and has a history and personality. Exú, the trickster messenger deity who makes things possible as the god of the crossroads between worlds, is thus an early part of nearly all Candomblé ceremonies. Exú's unfortunate association with the Catholic devil underscores a different doctrine which rarely finds pure good or evil in any action. Iemanjá, (her Catholic saint counterpart is the Virgin Mary) is associated with the sea and water is also a very important Candomblé deity. Her February 2 festival, includes a grand maritime procession of participants offering flowers, can often be combined with a Carnaval visit.
If you wish to attend a Candomblé ceremony, you will need to be an invited guest and must be concerned about observation of the customs so as to not disturb the ritual ceremonies. This is not difficult as the many guides soliciting business in the Pelourinho will tell you. When in doubt, wear white for certain colors such as black, purple and brown should be avoided. The candomblés are generally out of the urban zone. 

Salon Wanderlust | "My Night of Candomblé"

ritual songs in bantu, shouts of the possessed & blazing drums.

Body, Dance and Music: Identity in Candomblé 
"shows how the mystical-religious process in Candomblé brings the believer to build a new identity...According to the phenomenological perspective, bodily experiences are not reducible to a dichotomous model"

shango.gif (23259 bytes)ILÉ AXÉ OPÔ APONÁ || Português || konigbagbe@e-net.com.br
"Every negro use to have, or knew that his grand-father had, a light, a guider, a protector Orisha...This magic, this re-structurant organization, can only be understood if we think of what is initiation"
Salvador School & Museum
Altar for Oxalá, Orixá of creativity and custom
Kingdom of Oyotunji African Village || 
Highway 17, P.O. Box 51 Sheldon, South Carolina 29941
Dedicated to the preservation of the customs and ancestral traditions of the Yoruba culture of Southwestern Nigeria.

 [D] Where to find Afro-Brazilian Culture in Salvador

 [F] Orishas from West African & Carnival
Over 5000 years ago the Egyptians held the first Carnival tributes to Osiris and Isis. Did the dieties informing these ceremonies follow parallel paths through the millenniums of West African and Western European until meeting up in the New World? 

Capoeira  ||Top  ||
Capoeira is a distinctly Afro-Brazilian in origin but is today gaining practitioners all over the world. What is capoeira? A fight, a dance, and a game combined into a creative, dynamic art form which combines body and soul. Fighters are always playful and respectful and throughout Bahia and Brazil you will find rodas (semicircles) of practitioners playing the berimbau and other instruments to provide an interactive rhythm. An important tradition for a capoeira school is the graduation ceremony or batizado (baptism) where new players are initiated and the hard work of the your last year is recognized by your group.
Learn why a capoeirista is given a new name at their batizado
Capoeira Bahia On-Line

 home /   Capoeira Angola || Capoeira in Action! 
"The Capoeira Angola is one  trace of the African Bantu in Brazil. It conserves its essence in the N'golo, ticket ritual to the adult life"

Capoeira Elsewhere
Capoeiria Intro
Capoeira in the SF Bay Area
Our guide to the region with the most capoeira outside of Brazil
../../images/red_star.gif (2190 bytes)
capoeuropa.com  || capoeuropa.com 
Many Brazilian sites listed by state
by ABADÁ-Capoeira went off the web in 2001and returns Feb 9, 2002.

in aforumCapoeiria Bulletin Board on Aforum
Got something to share post it here on our board.


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