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Sao Paulo



Rio > West: The Costa Verde > Angra dos Reis  <>Angra dos Reis Hotels by TravelNow
The  thirty plus local islands along with Ilha Grande in the bay are the main attraction but there numerous small hotels and restaurants to attract your attention as well. Plentiful leisurely boat and fishing trips are on offer, and most yachts have a bar at which you can fill the time between stops for swimming at beaches penned in between clear waters and tropical forest. Find better beaches by following the BR-101 in either direction
GETTING THERE: The bus terminal, tourist information office and passenger ferry for Ilha Grande are all within a few steps of each other. Buses leave often from Rio and its also possible to take a boat from Rio

Northeast > Alagoas and Sergipe > Aracaju <> Aracaju Hotels by TravelNow  
he people are friendly, some of the beaches are good, and the small colonial towns of Laranjeiras and Sao Cristovao are only a short bus ride away. Oil money keeps the rather dull and growing City tidy
GETTING THERE:  From Maceio seven buses a day run to ARACAJU , capital of the neighbouring state of Sergipe with a population of 430,000, a little-visited and rather anonymous place. The Rodoviaria is miles out of town, linked to the centre by frequent local buses. The airport is also out of town but not far from the beach of Atalaia Velha; buses marked "Aeroporto" will get you into the centre. Sergipe's tourist office , EMSETUR, has its headquarters on the corner of Rua Itabaianinha and Rua Geru, on the 13th floor of the Edificio do Estado de Sergipe (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm), and another office on Praia de Eventos at Praia do Atalaia (Mon-Sat 8am-11pm). Your best bet for information, however, is probably the Centro de Turismo (daily 8am-8pm; tel 079/224-5168), in the shopping centre known as Rua 24 Horas, just next to Praia Olimpio Campos. Rua 24 Horas is actually a very pleasant place, set in a restored nineteenth-century building, with caf├ęs, restaurants and a stage where shows are sometimes put on.

Minas Gerais > Cidades hist?ricas > Diamantina > Jequitinhonha Valley > Aracuai?
Aracuai? is no more than a large village, but it has the best place for buying artesanato in the whole region
 seems wrong to call somewhere as off the beaten track as Aracuai? easy to get to, but it is the most accessible Jequitinhonha destination from Diamantina. Booking the day before is usually essential for one of the two daily buses (currently 2am and 1.30pm) to Aracuai? - and the journey is hard: over five hours of bouncing around on dusty dirt roads, hot as hell during the day and cold at night. coast

Northeast > Bahia > Southern Bahian coast > South of Porto Seguro > Arraial d'Ajuda 
The closest resort to Porto Seguro and the easiest to get to: catch the ferry from the centre of Porto Seguro for the ten-minute journey across the Rio Buranh?m. The main problem with Arraial d'Ajuda is that it's become too popular but walk along the beach to escape

Atibaia by HotelsBrazil

Sao Paulo
Atibaia is in the mountains about 40 km north of Guarulhos 69km from Sao Paulo. Activities available include birding, tennis, paragliding, trekking

B ||TOP|| Bahia by BookHostels
It is affectionately said that "when Bahians are not actually participating in a festival they are rehearsing for one." And in a way it's true. The people of Bahia, a fusion of Africans, Native Americans and Europeans, are carefree and upbeat, always looking for a good time
Barueri by
a quiet location in an important business and residential suburb of Sao Paulo
Bauru by
BAURU by Precision Reservations
University Town about
3 hours by bus from Sao Paulo

Amazon > Eastern Amazonia > Belem <>Belem Hotels by TravelNow  
Close to the mouth of the mighty Rio Tocantins, Belem was founded by the Portuguese in 1616 as the City of Our Lady of Bethlehem The wealth generated by the rubber boom is still evident in the shape of the modern city. A friendly city with a Parisian feel and a  modern skyline. Always warm and often hot (and often wet, too), the climate is generally very pleasant, with an average temperature of 25?C. Belem remains the economic centre of the North, and the chief port for the Amazon.
GETTING THERE: Belem airport , 15km out of town. Rough Guides includes a warning against official taxi system and caution using the boat taxis late at night or with luggage.  Belem's Rodoviaria is situated some 2km from the centre on Avenida Governador Jos? Malcher, near the Almirante Barroso ring road:Belem by

Minas Gerais > Belo Horizonte Belo Horizonte Hotels by TravelNow
After Sao Paulo, the most important center of economic development in the country. Sabar? is just outside the city, Ouro Preto and Mariana only two hours away by road. This makes it a good base for exploring the state of Minas Gerais. In the southwest of Minas, in fine mountainous scenery near the border with Sao Paulo, are a number of spa towns built around mineral water springs: Sao Louren?o and Caxambu are small and quiet, but Po?os de Caldas is a large and very lively resort
GETTING THERE: The nearer of Belo Horizonte's two airports is Pampulha  9km from the centre and connected by bus #1202.  The  newer Aeroporto Tancredo Neves usually refered to as Confins, the name of the nearby town is too far for many from the city (well over 30km, and connected by a bad road) There's also train & bus service.

South > Rio Grande do Sul > Serra Ga?cha > Bento Gonsalves
40km west of Caxias,  this is the heartland of Brazil's wine-producing region

South > Santa Catarina > Northeast Santa Catarina > Blumenau <>Blumenau Hotels by TravelNow  
is famous for its Beer Festival
the annual Oktoberfest, held, since 1984, over three weeks in October and handicrafts Despite Joinville's challenge, BLUMENAU has succeeded in promoting itself as the "capital" of German Santa Catarina

Bonito by
Eco-tourist destination in deep NorthEast. Find numerous streams that bubble up from the substrate of limestone rock are so free of impurities that you get the kind of crystal-clear visibility the middle of nowhere -- it's 300km (186 miles) from Campo Grande

Goi?s and Tocantins > Brasilia <> Brasilia Hotels by TravelNow
The planned capital city in the middle of the country, most of the people who live here do so for economic reasons. Simone de Beauvoir, visiting in 1963 with Jean-Paul Sartre in tow, described the place as "elegant monotony", while the Royal Institute of British Architects poked fun by renaming Brasilia "The Moon's Backside".
Mystic Brasilia On Brazilian Republic Day - April 21 - the sun rises through the concrete "H" shape of the parallel twin towers which poke out of the National Congress building, provoking images of a futuristic Stonehenge. Other curious theories associate modern Brasilia with the stars, with the lost city of Atlantis and with ancient Egypt's pyramids and temples. The aerial view of the city, a winged bird shape, is vaguely reminiscent of the mystical Egyptian ibis bird, and the cemetery is laid out in the shape of a spiral - life's symbol and essential pattern.In many ways Brasilia seems easier to comprehend in the light-studded darkness when the wide-open spaces melt away.
GETTING THERE:  The airport is 12km south of the centre, Bus #102 runs every hour from there into Brasilia, dropping you at the downtown Rodoviaria. Taxis have high minimum
Brasilia by

Rio > East: Niteroi and the Costa do Sol > Buzios <> Hotels in Buzios by TravelNow
Buzios is a sophisticated resort where elegance, beauty and leisure are in perfect harmony with nature B
uilt in the Portuguese colonial style, its narrow cobbled streets are lined with restaurants, bars and chic boutique. During the high season (December to February), the population swells from 16,000 to 150,000 to enjoy beautiful white-sand beaches , 27 in total, cradled between rocky cliffs and promontories, and bathed by crystal blue waters. Three main settlements, each with its own distinct character Manguinos , on the isthmus, Arma??o the village with no cars allowed & Ossos , the oldest settlement, with a pretty harbour
GETTING THERE: Direct buses run from Rio at least five times a day, or every fifteen minutes from Cabo Frio, a bumpy fifty-minute ride along a cobbled road.
Buzios by


Rio > East: Niteroi and the Costa do Sol > Cabo Frio <> Cabo Frio Hotels by TravelNow   Cabo Frio is built around sand dunes and there are beaches everywhere Six kilometres north in the direction of Buzios, near Ogivas, lies Praia do Per? , a good surfing spot, peaceful and deserted on weekdays,
GETTING THERE: On arrival, it's a three-kilometre walk in from the bus station to the centre, along Avenida J?lia Kubitschek. There are excellent bus connections to and from Rio, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Petr?polis as well as up and down the coast. Pra?a Porto Rocha

Sao Paulo > Interior Sao Paulo > Campinas <> Campinas Hotels by TravelNow  
One hundred kilometres northwest of Sao Paulo is CAMPINAS with a student population of 100,000 mostly related to the Universidade Estadual de Sao Paulo, 13km from the city centre it supports a vibrant cultural life.  Centro de Convivincia Cultural , at Pra?a Imprensa Fluminense in the centre with theatres, art galleries  & cafes is a good place to start

 Mato Grosso region > Mato Grosso do Sul > Campo Grande <> Hotels in Campo Grande by TravelNow
Campo Grande made the capital of the new state of Mato Grosso do Sul in the late 1970s, since when it has almost doubled in size, though it retains a distinctly rural flavour
GETTING THERE:  Rodoviaria is a ten-minute walk west of the central Pra?a Ari Coelho at Rua Joaquim Nabuco 200. It also houses six hairdressers, a cinema, bookstores and several bars but should not be considered the best part of town to hang out it particularly at night. Some day the Railroad may reopen for passenger use and the rail passing through Campo Grande from Sao Paulo would be the star. The privatization of the Brazilian railways has led to the closure of all passenger lines west of Bauru but this line continues to Corumbu on the Bolivian border part Lake Titicaca to Cuzco the gateway city to Machu Pichu
Campo Grande by
Northeast > Pernambuco > Caba de Santo Agostinho 49km south of Recife

Less developed than Gaibu with good snorkeling and spear -fishing. The city is blessed with many historic buildings, such as the Fortress of Santo Agostinho (stage of battles between Portuguese and Dutch) and the Church of Nossa Senhora do Nazar?, which date back to the 16th century. Cabo is a place with beautiful landscapes, a warm sea and bars beside the beaches of Para?so, Calhetas and Gaibu, three of the most famous.

Chapada dos Guimaraes by

The large highland National Park in the interior of Bahia.  Officially, more than 32,000 hectares (80,000 acres) were set aside in 1989 as a national park -- the Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Guimaraes

A spectacular planned complex with five resorts that share a shopping/entertainment "village", golf course, equestrian facilities.
 Costa do Sauipe is on the Bahia coast
enjoy on-property windsurfing, boogie-boarding, and many land activities; or venture out for "eco-tours" or a day-trip to historic Salvador The beach for the Costa do Sauipe complex extends over five miles Beyond these resorts are the shops, restaurants, and "pousada" inns of the Vila Nova da Praia "village. Mostly visitors are Brazilians still. All-inclusive resort is a great option for a hassle free family vacation

Corumba by
A difficult place to reach in the Panatel where the Paraguay river offers some of the world's best sports fishing

Mato Grosso region > Mato Grosso >Cuiaba
One of the most beautiful areas of the Pantanal in the central state of Mato Grosso, it is considered the southern gateway into the Amazon. The central Pra?a da Republica is a hive of activity from daybreak onwards. It's the city's main meeting spot, and the cathedral, post office, the cultural foundation and university all face onto the square, while under the shade of its large trees, hippies from the Brazilian coast sell crafted jewellery and leather work. Thriving diverse economy continues to add high-rises to the view corridors as well
GETTING THERE: The Rodoviaria on Avenida Marechal Rondon is an ultramodern complex, 3km north of the city centre: it's a fifteen-minute ride into Cuiaba on buses #202, 304 or 309, or ten minutes by taxi ($8-10). The airport , 8km south in V?rzea Grande, is connected to the centre by buses marked "Tuiui?" and taxis. Cuiaba by

South > Paran? > Curitiba <>Curitiba Hotels by TravelNow
Curitiba is so efficient it barely seems a Brazilian city  The inhabitants are descendants of Polish, German, Italian and other immigrants Curitibanos and enjoy Brazil's highest standard of living. There is not much of a tourist industry in Curbita with most  visitors passing through staying just a day or two at the most, perhaps prior to taking the early morning train to the coast.
GETTING THERE:  Ultramodern airport  about thirty minutes from the city centre. The main bus (tel 041/320-3000) and train (tel 041/323-4008) stations - the Rodoferrovi?ria - are located adjacent to one another, about ten blocks from the city centre. The only remaining passenger trains to Curitiba run along the line from Morretes and Paranagu?, which has become a major tourist attraction

E ||TOP|| Extrema by BookHostels
GETTING THERE: 110 Km from Guarulhos International Airport - GRU - Sao Paulo
Located in South Bound of Minas Gerais State. An out of the way hostel about 90 minutes by bus of Sao Paulo's TIET? SUBWAY BUS TERMINAL.
Book HotelsBrazil in Fernando de Noronha - Arquip?lago(2)

 [F] Fernando de Noronha: Marine Sanctuary
One of the world's great underwater parks.
The archipelago of is made up of 21 islands and islets, which rise up from the depths of a sea which is 4,000 metres deep. The total area of the archipelago is 26Km2, 75% of which belongs to the National Ecological Park, and only the main island of Fernando de Noronha is inhabited.
GETTING THERE: Reservations required from Natal or Recife. The island administered by the Pernambuco government and there are strict limitations on the number of visitors allowed at one time on the island Fernando de Noronha by

South > Santa Catarina > Island of Santa Catarina > Florianopolis <> Florianopolis Hotels by TravelNow  With the construction of the bridges linking the island with the mainland, Florianopolis as a port has all but died, and today the city thrives as an administrative, commercial and tourist centre. Late nineteenth-century pastel-coloured, stuccoed buildings still recall faint "old world" images, while the relaxed, small-town atmosphere provides a total contrast to the excitement of Sao Paulo or Rio. "
TOP 10 CARNAVAL:  considered one of Brazil's best but we've been unable to find any links to point to for more information
GETTING THERE:  Buses arrive at the modern Rodoviaria situated between the two bridges that link the island to the mainland. Outside the main entrance, beyond the car park and dual carriageway, is the former waterfront area where one of the municipal bus terminals is situated. The airport is 12km south of the city and is served by taxis ($15) and "Aeroporto" buses (70?), which take about forty minutes. Florianopolis by


Northeast > Cear? > Fortaleza <> FortalezaHotels by TravelNow
is a sprawling city of over two million inhabitants, the centre literally bristling with offices and apartment blocks. It has, for well over a century, been the major commercial centre of the northern half of the Northeast. More recently it has greatly expanded its tourist trade by taking advantage of miles of fine city beaches by erecting gleaming luxury hotels and developing the city centre. There some history here too but harder to find, the same refers to its history as a fort.
GETTING THERE:  The Rodoviaria and airport are some way from the centre in the southern suburb of F?tima, but getting into town is easy thanks to the comfortable fresc?o service operated by the Top Bus company ($3). The buses will stop to let you off - or can be flagged down - wherever you want along their circular route,
Fortaleza by

South > Paran? > Iguacu Falls and around > Foz do Iguacu <> Foz do Iguacu Hotels by TravelNow
One of the world's greatest natural phenomena. Iguacu Falls has two main sections that are composed of hundreds of waterfalls separated from each other by rocky islands along a 3-mi (4.8-km) escarpment. The highest fall is 210 ft (64 m) high; most of the falls are from 100 to 130 ft (30-40 m) high. Argentina and Brazil maintain national parks on each side of the falls. The surroundings, in the midst of beautiful scenery, abound in begonias, orchids, brilliant-hued birds, and myriads of butterflies.
The Iguacu Falls are a short distance from the towns of Foz do Iguacu in Brazil, Puerto Iguaz? in Argentina and Ciudad del Este in Paraguay
Most visitors choose to stay in Foz do Iguacu much the larger of the three. The airport at FOZ DO IQUACU is served by flights from Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Salvador and Belem. Regular buses (5am-midnight) head to the local bus terminal in the centre of town on Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek. If you want to take a taxi, the fare into Foz is $11, or $22 to Puerto Iguaz?. Arriving by bus, Foz do Iguacu's Rodoviaria is located on the northern outskirts of town by the road to Curitiba and is served by buses from throughout southern Brazil, and from as far north as Rio and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as Asuncion and Buenos Aires. Buses #01, #02 and #03 link the Rodoviaria with the local bus terminal in town; taxis cost around $7. Foz de Iguacu by


Goi?s and Tocantins > Goi?nia <>Goi?nia Hotels by TravelNow
A modern, planned city in central Brazil, GOI?NIA was founded in 1933, becoming the state capital four years later. One of Brazil's ten biggest cities its much larger than its population of over a million strong indicates because it is the hub to the vast surrounding areas.  Goi?nia earns its living as a market centre for the surrounding agricultural region which specializes in rice and soya.Known for its great year-round spring like climate and the genuine heartbeat of its people but not a lot of visitor attractions. 
GETTING THERE:  The airport is also linked to the centre, 6km away, by bus (#190 or #162 "Circular Aeroporto Both the Rodoviaria and Santa Genoveva airport  lie in the northern sectors of town. The Rodoviaria is around twenty minutes by foot from Setor Central along Avenida Goi?s, or a short ride by local bus. Cheaper than Brasilia, with some good hotels and only 209km from the federal capital, the city is a good stopping-off point, since it is very well connected by road to most other Brazilian cities.

South > Rio Grande do Sul > Serra Ga?cha > Gramado <>Hotels in Gramado by TravelNow
Brazil's most exclusive mountain resort. At 825m its refreshingly cool in summer and positively chilly in winter. Architecturally, Gramado and the neighbouring resort of Canela try to appear Swiss, with alpine chalets and flower-filled window boxes the norm. The spring (Oct & Nov) when the parks and gardens are full of flowers is most spectacular. The shops and many restaurants are the main attractions but the whole region is magnificent but it's difficult to explore properly without a car.
GETTING THERE:  Buses leave daily from Porto Alegre

Sao Paulo > Sao Paulo's coastline > Guaruj? <> Guaruj? Hotels by TravelNow
Sao Paulo's most popular beach resort, very commercialized and usually crowded. Getting there is easy: there are half-hourly buses from the city's Jabaquara Rodoviaria that take little more than an hour to travel the 85km to the resort.

Guarulhos by (3) for Sao Paulo's Airport

Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport is by far the countries largest hub and someday you'll need to catch a next day connection.


see Foz do Iguacu

Ilhabela by

Bahia > Southern Bahian coast > Ilh?us
The town is on the coast 400km south of Salvador, where the local coastline is broken up by five rivers and a series of lagoons, bays and waterways. Much of it is modern but it's still an attractive place, with the heart of Ilh?us perched on a small hill that overlooks one of the largest and finest-looking beaches in Bahia
GETTING THERE:  Buses to Ilh?us from Salvador take around six hours with several each day mostly at night. The Rodoviaria is on Pra?a Cairu, a little way from the centre of Ilh?us, but buses outside marked "Centro" or "Oliven?a" take you into town. The airport is 4km away (tel 073/231-7629), connected to town by taxi ($8) and hourly buses. There's a tourist information post at the Rodoviaria, with good town maps, and an Ilh?ustur office in the centre on Pra?a do Teatro (Mon-Sat 9am-6pm)

Imbassai by BookHostels Bahia Coast

GETTING THERE:  one hour by car from the International Airport of Salvador. The BR-101 highway goes straight  to Imbassa?.

Itacar?  is  on the Brazilian Northeast coast, 65 km north of Ilh?us and 400 km south of Salvador - Bahia. By air: The airport of Ilheus (IOS), is 64km from the the town of Itacare

Itu by World Choice
100km North of Sao Paulo near its own airport

Northeast > Para?ba > Jo?o Pessoa <> Jo?o Pessoa Hotels by TravelNow 
JO?O PESSOA is one of the oldest and one of the poorest cities in Brazil. In recent years, there's been massive new development along the city's two main beaches, but an air of dilapidated elegance remains around the old part of town.  Just a few kilometres away, the town beaches of Cabo Branco and Tamba? are also booming with skyscrapers well along in lining the beaches with old downtowns further in
GETTING THERE:  The Presidente Castro Pinto airport  lies 11km west of the city centre and is connected to the Rodoviaria by regular buses; taxis into town cost around $13. The Rodoviaria in Jo?o Pessoa is conveniently near the city centre. Any bus from the local bus station , opposite the Rodoviaria's entrance, takes you to the city's one unmistakable, central landmark: the circular lake, the Parque Solon de Lucena, which everybody simply calls Lagoa

South > Santa Catarina > Northeast Santa Catarina > Joinville <> Joinville Hotels by TravelNow
An hour from Sao Francisco, the prosperous city was once solidly German in character and you'll still find plenty of evidence from the largely Germanic architecture to the  clean streets
GETTING THERE: The Rodoviaria is 2km from the city centre, reached in five minutes by bus or in half an hour on foot by walking down Rua Ministro Cal?geras and then left along Avenida Kubitschek. Bus services to neighbouring cities are excellent. The terminal for city buses and those to Dona Francisca is in the centre, at the end of Rua IX de Mar?o.  Joinville's impressive train station - opens in the summer for visitors with a special train  going east to Sao Francisco do Sul

Lencois and Chapada Diamantina by
Rugged mountain interior of the State of Bahia
Lins by World Choice 
Another Sao Paulo City with its own airport Vidigal Airport (MII)
Book HotelsBrazil in Londrina(2)
 LONDRINA by Hotel Guide
Londrina, city in southeastern Brazil, in Paran? State, near the Tibaji River. The city is a road and trade center with railroad service. In the surrounding area, which has a large German and Slavic population, coffee, rice, cotton, cattle, hogs, fruit, and timber are produced. Industries in the city include paper milling, food processing, distilling, and the manufacture of metal products and furniture

Northeast > Alagoas and Sergipe > Maceio <> Maceio Hotels by TravelNow  
he state capital of Alagoas Maceio is most famous for its beaches  The main city beach is at Paju?ara , whose curving road and wide mosaic promenade are studded with palm trees. Ponta Verde and the neighbouring beach of Jati?ca are the beginning of a series of fine sands to the north of Maceio
 Rodoviaria is relatively close to the centre but still beyond walking distance for either the old town or the beach area. Buses marked "Ouro Preto" or "Serraria Mercado" connect it with the old town, from where, to go on to the beaches you should take the "Ponta Verde", "Jardim Vaticano" or "Jati?ca" bus. Alternatively, a taxi direct to either the old town or the beaches will cost around $5. The airport is 20km from the city, and is served by a bus marked "Esta??o Ferrovi?ria", which takes you to the train station

Amazon > Western Amazonia > Manaus <>Manaus Hotels by TravelNow  
is the capital of Amazonas,and  the commercial and physical hub of the entire Amazon region. Most visitors are surprised to learn that Manaus isn't actually on the Amazon but rather it lies on the Rio Negro, six kilometres from the point where that river meets the Solim?es to form the Rio Amazonas
GETTING THERE:  If you arrive in Manaus by river, your boat will dock right in the heart of the city, either by the Mercado Municipal or a short way along in the floating port. If you're arriving from Peru or Colombia, don't forget to have your passport stamped at the Customs House, if you haven't already done so in Tabatinga. The Rodoviaria  is some 10km north of the centre: #306 buses run every twenty minutes down Avenida Constantino Nery, two streets from the bus station, to Pra?a da Matriz in the heart of town, or taxis cost around $10. The airport (search engine code= MAO; Aeroporto de Eduardo Gomes);is on Avenida Santos Dumont, 17km from town in the same direction. Manaus by

Book HotelsBrazil in Muro Alto - Recife (2)

55 km from Recife you find the most beautiful beaches of the south shore of Pernambuco. Muro Alto Beach offers an amazing setting where coconut trees are the frames of a nature almost untouched

Mara? - Bahia by Hotels Brazil

Marau is located in the middle of the peninsula, on the Camamu Bay. Known as a fishing village with old houses, stone-paved streets and gentle people who maintain typical traditions from Bahia. Rio Mara?, which is the part of the Camamu Bay that separates the Peninsula and the rest of the continent. Rio Mara?.  Visitors are very fond of the beaches of the Peninsula
 From Salvador by BR-101: 345km; by ferry-boat and Itaparica: 190km.
From Itacar?: 31km. From Ubaitaba: 63km. From Camamu: 102km.
From Barra Grande: 40km. BY LAND FROM ITACAR?
Some agencies based at Itacar? provide transport service to the Peninsula of Mara? by off-road vehicles, from Itacar? and the airport of Ilh?usTHE BR-030
 is an unpaved road in very bad state that links the town of Ubaitaba, on the BR-101 interstate road, to Barra Grande. The BR-030 is not practical for to common cars. It is possible to shorten the way driving by the BA-001 until Itacar?, then taking a boat to cross the river and going on by a dirt road until the BR-030. [MAP From Camamu is 2 hours from Salvador by the ferry-boat and the road BA-001. A boat transports passengers several times a day from the port of Camamu to Barra Grande. It takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Agencies of Camamu and Barra Grande provide faster transport in quick boats

Maria Farinha - Pernambuco by Hotels Brazil

Not far north from Olinda, in the Paulista area is the famous Maria Farinha Beach. Also nearby in Paulista are Conceicao and Pau Amarelo beaches.
These beaches enjoy clean water, white sand and are lined with palm trees. The villages are not as developed as Recife; many people from Recife and Olinda have a beach house in Paulista. Also here is one of Latin America's largest water parks, the 
Veneza Water Park.
GETTING THERE:  35 Km North from the International Airport of Guararapes - Pernambuco

Mariana by
Mariana makes a pleasant half-day trip from Ouro Pr?to. The monuments, museums, and churches can be seen in a few hours, and the trip by bus is only 30 minutes.
Morro de Sao Paulo - Bahia by Hotels Brazil  Coast
Find many options on the favored Tinhare Island just south of Itaparica

"sun-and-beach international get-down party-hearty town. It is less of the kind of place to meet the locals and take in local culture than it is to soak in natural splendor and party all night long with people from all over the world. These beach parties really heat up during the Brazilian summer (January until after Carnival) and happen every night. During the rest of the year they take place on Saturday nights, though not with the same intensity. Morro's drinks de rigueur are roskas, tropical fruits (your choice!) crushed in with sugar and vodka -- powerful and seditious.

The "main street" of the village is a sandy path lined on both sides with restaurants and bars, and the beaches are generally referred to with an un-Brazilian pragmatism as "first", "second", "third", or "fourth". The first beach (small) is lined with pousadas; the second beach (wide) is the party beach; the third beach (somewhat smaller again) is lined with more pousadas; and the fourth beach is extensive, beautiful, Caribbean-like tropical paradise."
Morro de Sao Paulo by


 Northeast > Rio Grande do Norte > Natal <> Natal Hotels by TravelNow  
is a medium-sized city of about 600,000 people, built on the banks of the Rio Potengi A popular beach destination for Brazilian holiday-makers. The city itself, which is mostly modern and has a sloppily developed seafront: and you will look in vain for the colonial elegance
GETTING THERE:  Natal's airport , Augusto Severo, is about 15km south of the centre on the BR-101 highway; a taxi to the centre will cost you about $18, or you can catch the bus marked "Parnamirim-Natal". Taxis from the airport to Ponta Negra cost around $12. The Rodoviaria is also a long way out from the centre, at Av. Capit?o Mor-Gouveia 1237 in the suburb of Cidade de Esperan?a (tel 084/205-4377), but you can get a local bus into town at the bus stop on the other side of the road, opposite the Rodoviaria entrance.
TOP TEN CARNAVAL: Natal is considered to have one of the best Carnaval's in Brazil
Natal by


Minas Gerais > Cidades hist?ricas > Ouro Preto
You can see at a glance why the capital had to be shifted to Belo Horizonte: the steep hills the town is built around, straddling a network of creeks, severely limit space for expansion. Today, the hills and vertiginous streets (some so steep they have steps rather than pavements) are vital ingredients in what is one of the loveliest towns in Brazil, an almost unspoilt eighteenth-century jewel. The gold rush days have left a legacy for the visitor to explore
thirteen colonial churches, seven chapels, six museums and several other sights which is best done by getting a map at the tourist office
GETTING THERE:  Two hours by road southeast from Belo Horizonte is Ouro Preto. The main square to oriente yourself is Pra?a Tiradentes -  the Rodoviaria , is fifteen minutes' walk westwards from here on Rua Padre Rolim. On the east side at no. 41 is the municipal tourist office (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm; tel 031/3559-3544 ext 3269 which has the maps you need to explore the fascinating old city.
Ouro Preto by

Northeast > Pernambuco > Olinda
is, quite simply, one of the largest and most beautiful complexes of colonial architecture in Brazil: a maze of cobbled streets, hills crowned with brilliant white churches, pastel-coloured houses, Baroque fountains and graceful squares. Not surprisingly, in 1982 it was designated a cultural heritage site by UNESCO. Founded in 1535, the old city is spread across several small hills looking back towards Recife, but it belongs to a different world.
Very few beaches of Olinda are recommended for bathing because of inadequate sewage treatment by the town. Praia del Chifre is popular with surfers. Casa Caiada Beach is walkable distance from the Historic zone and its beachfront avenue features many bars and restaurants.

GETTING THERE:  transport links
are good, with buses leaving every few minutes to & from Recife. Cab fares will vary, negotiate in advance  see Recife


P||TOP|| Panatal Book HotelsBrazil in Pantanal(2)

Mato Grosso region > Mato Grosso > The  above pousadas are  situated between two lakes (Sia Mariana and Chacorore) within one of the most beautiful regions of the Panatanal in Mato Grosso. The nearest airport is in Cuiaba, the capital of Mato Grosso

Rio > West: The Costa Verde > Parati
the Costa Verde's main attraction, the town of PARATI  260 km from Rio de Janeiro and 300 km from Sao Paulo, and is located on the banks of the river ?Perequ?-A?u? The cobbles of the streets are arranged in channels to drain off storm water and allow the sea to enter and wash the streets at high tides and full moon. There's an air of prosperity in Parati, with a more relaxed atmosphere than its northern counterpart Buzios. Nearby are 65 islands and about 200 beaches to choose from
GETTING THERE:  The Rodoviaria is about half a kilometre from the old town; turn right out of the station and walk straight ahead. The best way to orientate yourself is to head for the tourist information kiosk The main tourist office is next to Igreja de Santa Rita in a former jail, the Antiga Cadeia Paraty by

Peruibe by BookHostels
Peru?be is on the way from Sao Paulo to Curitiba
Petropolis by BookHostels
Sixty-six kilometres directly to the north of Rio de Janeiro, high in the mountains, stands the imperial city of PETR?POLIS .
GETTING THERE:  The route from Rio is a busy one, with F?cil and ?nica company buses leaving Rio every fifteen minutes. There's a tourist office (Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.30pm, Sat 8.30am-1.30pm; tel 024/243-3561) at the Pal?cio da Cultura near the intersection of Rua da Imperatriz and Avenida Tiradentes. If you're heading on to Teres?polis make sure you travel during the day, so as not to miss the scenery. If you're going to Sao Paulo or Belo Horizonte, there's no need to return to Rio as there are direct bus services from Petr?polis
Petropolis by
Pipa by Precision Reservations  Pipa 18071
South of Natal

South > Rio Grande do Sul > Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre Hotels by TravelNow 

The capital of Rio Grande do Sul, PORTO ALEGRE , lies on the eastern bank of the Rio Guaiba, at the point where five rivers converge to form the Lagoa dos Patos , a giant freshwater lagoon navigable by even the largest of ships
Porto Alegre sprawls out over a series of hills with the centre spread between two levels, the older residential area on the higher level and the commercial area below In the city centre itself, everything is within an easy walk, and a half-day or so is enough to visit most places of interest.
The ochre-coloured Mercado P?blico is at the heart of the lower town, located alongside Pra?a Rui Barbosa and Pra?a XV de Novembro. Dating back to 1869 and said to be a replica of Lisbon's Mercado da Figueira
Porto Alegre's museums are a poor bunch, which is somewhat surprising for a city that has long been prosperous and is the most important cultural centre south of Sao Paulo
GETTING THERE:  The airport  is linked by metr? to the Mercado P?blico, in the city centre, or take the L.05 bus, which links the airport with Pra?a Parobe (next to the Mercado P?blico). Taxis into the city will cost about $8.  Porto Alegre's Rodoviaria ,  is within walking distance of the centre. Porto Alegre used to be a major rail hub but, apart from suburban routes, the only remaining services are to Santa Maria, from where the line branches out to Santana do Livramento and Uruguaiana. Trains depart from the Ferrovi?ria, also accessible by metr?.
 [F] Porto Alegre City & Carnival Guide 
 [F] Porto Alegre Carnival Guide 
 [F] Fotos 
 [F] Mercosur  
 [F] Media Guide Porto Alegre

 Porto Das Dunas 
Book HotelsBrazil in Porto das Dunas - Fortaleza (2)

Only 20 minutes from Fortaleza, are the world-class beaches of Porto Das Dunas
Porto de Galinas

Porto de Galinhas has 18 km of beautiful beaches and a temperature that hovers near 28? Celsius year round. Also known for its natural swimming pools at the Fisherman?s Village, tourists can visit the pools in ?jangadas? (typical sailing boat from northern Brazil). The pools are near the reefs populated with colorful fish swimming in warm, clear water. Beach buggies, jet skis and wooden rafts (jangadas) ultra-light aircraft, horses are available. There are also natural coral reef pools with warm water that are great for snorkeling and scuba diving.  After slavery was abolished, the warning "There's new chicken in the port!" was used to inform the land owners that an illegal cargo of African slaves, hidden among the chickens in the ships, had just arrived. Since then, former "Praia do Porto" ("Port's Beach") became "Porto de Galinhas" ("Chicken Port").

GETTING THERE:  Guararapes International Airport of Recife 60 km (38 miles)south from from  Recife  Porto de Galinhas by coast guide

Northeast > Bahia > Southern Bahian coast > Porto Seguro <> Porto Seguro Hotels by TravelNow   
The most popular destination in southern Bahia is the resort area around the town of PORTO SEGURO , where Cabral "discovered" Brazil in 1500. Founded in 1526, it has some claim to being the oldest town in Brazil, and buildings still survive from that period. The colonial area, Cidade Alta , is built on a bluff overlooking the town, with fine views out to sea and across the Rio Buranh?m.
GETTING THERE:  The Rodoviaria is a little way out of town, but taxis are cheap and plentiful. Three buses a day make the eleven-hour journey from Salvador, but one of these is an extremely expensive leito service, and you should book well ahead. There are also direct flights from Rio and Salvador. There are tourist information offices at the Rodoviaria, the airport, and in the centre of town at the Secretaria de Turismo
TOP 10 CARNAVAL: Porto Seguro is packed for Carnaval particularly at the beach with young people. New year's Eve also sells out well in advance

It was once just a small fishing village, but it is now being developed as a ecologically minded upscale beach resort. It offers diverse ecosystems, beautiful beaches traversed by rivers and estuaries, dunes, coconut groves, lagoons and mangroves, home to rare tropical wildlife.
GETTING THERE:  The international airport, is right next to the Coconut Coast. Depending on which hotel you have decided to stay in, distances range from 60 to 80 kilometres. Rent a car at the airport for the road to Praia do Forte is quite good. It is a long, straight road so, despite a distinct lack of signposts, it is hard to lose your way.


Recife-Olinda || Places To Stay  || Beaches/  || Attractions  ||Festivals || Carnaval by
Northeast > Pernambuco > Recife <> Recife Hotels by TravelNow including Special Internet Rates
The pleasanter  laid-back World Heritage City of Olinda, 6km to the north of the downtown is a highlight for many visitors. Also north of the centre are some pleasant suburbs, dotted with museums and parks, and to the south there is the modern beachside district of Boa Viagem. Other beaches lie within easy reach, both north and south of the city, and there's also all the nightlife one would expect from a city of nearly two million Brazilians. Although Recife is the fourth-largest city in Brazil, it is less modern and cosmopolitan than its more famous counterparts. Recife's name was derived from the Portuguese word for reef, referring simply to the city's situation behind a long and protective coastal reef. There's significant urban grit and a large homeless population in the City Centre making the advice of taking taxis whenever in doubt and carrying minimal possessions and money particularly appropriate for the Recife downtown.

The inter-State bus station of Recife is called TIP - Terminal Interestadual de Passageiros.
TIP is far from the Boa Viagem area and far from the downtown area; the terminal is on the road to the interior of Pernambuco, about 20 km away from Boa Viagem.
If you are coming from the South (Maceio, Aracaju or Salvador), try to get off as close as possible to the airport, and get a taxi from there. If you are coming from the North (Joao Pessoa, Natal, Fortaleza), get off at a stop named Caxanga (most passengers will know it; about half the passengers get off here).
Arriving by car
Coming from the South, via BR-101 south, watch out for the airport (at your left). Right in front of the airport, take to the right and follow all the way (about 2 km) until the Avenida Boa Viagem.
Coming from the North, via BR-101 north, watch out for the campus of the Federal University (at your right). About 1 km past the campus, take to the left (don't miss the entrance, a return is several kilometers down the road) and follow the signs to Boa Viagem (about 10 km).

The airport is fairly close to the city centre, at the far end of Boa Viagem. A taxi to Boa Viagem itself shouldn't be more than $6-7, to the neighbouring island of Santo Ant?nio about $10-12 The Rodoviaria is miles out, but is very convenient as a stop on the overground  metr?   Taking taxis and negotiating the fare in advance is particularly good advice hereabouts.
TOP 10 CARNAVAL: The 3rd largest Carnaval in Brazil with its own very distinctive elements Recife and Olinda by

 Rio de Janeiro:  

Rio > Rio de Janeiro <>Rio de Janeiro Hotels by TravelNow 
Most interest lies not in Rio's buildings and monuments but firmly in the beaches to the south of the city. For more than sixty years these have been Rio's heart and soul, providing a constant source of recreation and income for cariocas.
GETTING THERE:  Rio de Janeiro is served by two airports. The one at Santos Dumont deals mainly with the shuttle services to and from Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte, and is at the north end of the Parque de Flamengo, immediately east of Centro The international airport at Gale?o serves most Brazilian destinations, lies on the Ilha do Governador in Guanabara Bay, 14km north of the city. Brazilians take American Visas very seriously as "reciprocity" is part of the constitution. Be sure your papers are in order, as the policy is to fine the airline and send you home if they are not.  In the arrivals hall, you can consult one of the official tourist information desks - Riotur, TurisRio or EMBRATUR
BACK TO RIO's most popular Carnaval City

Sao Paulo > Ribeir?o Pr?to Hotels by TravelNow
The former ?coffee capital? of Brazil, the city grew during the late 19th cent., with railroad construction and a large influx of Italian immigrants. Near the Rio Pardo, today it is the major city of the northeastern part of the state and the main processing center in an agricultural region with a city population of about  450,000
GETTING THERE:  From Sao Paulo - Anhanguera Highway To Exit 309

Rio das Ostras by BookHostels
located 170kms from Rio de Janerio at the famous Costazul Beach.
 S ||TOP||Salvador,Bahia
home of the best Street Carnival of the World as verified by Guinness Book of World Records 2005

Northeast > Bahia > Salvador <> Salvador by TravelNow
Second only to Rio in the magnificence of its natural setting on the mouth of the enormous bay of Todos os Santos, SALVADOR is one of that select band of cities which has an electricity you feel from the moment you arrive.
GETTING THERE:  The airport is 20km northeast of the city, connected to the centre by an hourly shuttle. A taxi to the centre will set you back around $25; pay at the kiosk in the arrivals area and hand the voucher to the driver. Salvador's outstanding Rodoviaria -  is 8km east of the centre. To get to the City Center (Cidade Alta)  from here, either take a taxi (about $10) or catch the comfortable executivo bus from the Iguatemi shopping centre across the busy road from the Rodoviaria - there's a footbridge to stop you getting mown down by traffic. 
TOP 10 CARNAVAL:  As first noted in the 2005 Guinness Book of World records

Sao Conrado by World Choice The closest Beach Hotel to Rio de Janeiro

The Hotel Inter-Continental Rio has its own privileged beachfront next to the Sao Conrado fashion mall and adjacent to the Gavea Golf Club just 4 miles from Ipanema beach. Has been called Rio's best hotel by Italian Press

Sao Jose Dos Campos Hotels by Precision Reservations 

About 120 km East from Sao Paulo; it?s cut across by Via Dutra, the highway which connects Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. about 120 km East from Sao Paulo;  The respected Brazilian schools of Engineering, Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica is here

 Northeast > Maranh?o > Sao Lu?s
Sao Lu?s is a fascinating place, increasingly discovered by savvy travellers. Built across the junction of two rivers and the sea, on an island within the larger delta formed by the Pindar? and Itapicuru rivers, it has the umbilical connection with rivers that marks an Amazon city, but is also a seaport with ocean beaches. Since 1989, two hundred buildings in the historic centre, the Zona , have benefited from a large-scale restoration program, the Projeto Reviver.
The beaches , too, are magnificent, and for the most part have been spared intrusive urban development. Above all, try to visit in June, when you can enjoy the festival for which the city is famous, Bumba-meu-boi

Santarem by BookHostels

Amazon > Eastern Amazonia > Santar?m 
Around 700km west of Belem - but closer to 800 as the river flows - SANTAR?M is the first significant stop on the journey up the Amazon, a small city of around 130,000 people. The history of the regions goes back many millennium as Santar?m and its surrounding area is one of the most important archeological sites in the Americas. In an excavation there in 1991, American archeologist, Anna Roosevelt unearthed decorated pottery almost 10,000 years old - twice as old as the oldest ceramics found anywhere in the Americas
GETTING THERE:  Boats to and from Manaus and Belem arrive and leave most days/ appalling state of the roads in the region means that the Rodoviaria on the outskirts of town is largely symbolic; there are no inter-city buses in or out of the region/
Santar?m  airport 13km from the centre with a bus connection to Avenida Rui Barbosa.  The airport is a regional hub, as headquarters of Penta, a good local airline. They run daily flights to Belem and Manaus at half Varig or Riosul rates, and have routes to Macap? and Sao Lu?s which save you at least a day by not passing through Belem.

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz by Hotels Brazil

South > Santa Catarina > 
Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, in Santa Catarina, near Florianopolis, is located in a privileged region, where the still intact nature outlined imposing mountains, besides uncountable waterfalls, and fauna and flora diversity. A real ecological sanctuary in the midst of the rainforest (Mata Atl?ntica), prodigal in thermo mineral water.
Santo Amaro da Imperatriz is considered the new adventure sport paradise of the south, since the region is favorable for practsing many of them: rafting, hiking, biking, expeditions, among other activities directed at nature lovers

Sao Miguel dos Milagres - Alagoaa by Hotels Brazil

1km of unspoilt beach of coral-studded botton, plenty of shellfish, sea shells, fishes and seafood.
Swimming pools and health club. Lake for sport fishing and special leisure areas reflect the tranquility of the surroundings.Natural pools for superb swimming in calm and crystaline waters. Copious native flora and fauna.
GETTING THERE: Only 100 km from Maceio and 155 Km from Recife.

Sao Paulo > Sao Paulo <> Sao Paulo Hotels by TravelNow
Residents of the city, Paulistanos, talk smugly of their work ethic, supposedly superior to that which dominates the rest of Brazil, and speak contemptuously of the idleness of cariocas (in reply, cariocas joke sourly that Paulistanos are simply incapable of enjoying anything, sex in particular). But work and profit aside, Sao Paulo does have its attractions: the city lays claim to have long surpassed Rio as Brazil's cultural centre, and is home to a lively music and arts world. The city's food , too, is often excellent, thanks to immigrants from so many parts of the world.
GETTING THERE: Sao Paulo is served by two airports. Just to the south of the centre, the always congested Congonhas  handles services within the state of Sao Paulo, but also operates the shuttle service (the Ponte A?rea) to Rio, as well as flights to some other destinations, including Curitiba and Belo Horizonte. Most other domestic flights (including some Curitiba, Belo Horizonte and Rio flights), and all international flights use the much newer Guarulhos airport  30km from the city. Note that bad weather frequently leads to the diversion of planes from Guarulhos to Congonhas.
 Inter-city bus services arrive at one of four Rodoviarias. To the south of the centre, Jabaquara (tel 011/5581-0856) is for buses to and from the Santos region and Sao Paulo's south shore as far as Peru?be. Barra Funda (tel 011/3666-4682), near the Memorial da Am?rica Latina, serves destinations in southern Sao Paulo and Paran?. Bresser (tel 011/6692-5191) is for buses to Minas Gerais. The largest bus station, serving all state capitals as well as destinations in neighbouring countries, is the Tiet? terminal to the north (tel 011/235-0322). All four Rodoviarias are on the metr? system,
Sao Paulo by

 [F] Sao Paulo Carnaval Links

 [F] Sao PAOLO Places to Stay ||

Saquarema by BookHostels
100km up the coast from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Saquarema is the capital of surfing in Brazil, surrounded by lakes, mountains and natural reserves.
GETTING THERE:  Almost every hour there is a bus leaving Rio de Janeiro bus station to Saquarema
Serra da Canastra by BookHostels

National Park of Serra da Canastra which is the source of one of the most important Brazilian rivers, the Sao Francisco River The Serra da Canastra and Serra da Babil?nia complex presents a great number of waterfalls including Tapir Waterfall. with its 200 meters of free fall, wonderful places and endangered animals including anteater, the guar? wolf, the "tatu-canastra" (armadillo) and "pato mergulh?o" (a kind of duck)  and spectacular flora & fauna
GETTING THERE:  from Belo Horizonte (325 kilometers), take BR-050 highway towards Ribeir?o Preto and then proceed by MG-50 until Sao Roque de Minas that is close to the entrance of the Park.
Departing from Campinas:
Highway SP 340 towards Campinas/Mogi-Gua??: drive to Agua?, Casa Branca, Mococa. Highway MG 050 from Arceburgo drive to Sao Sebasti?o do Para?so, Passos, to Piumhi.
In Piumhi ask for the direction to Serra da Canastra. Part asphalt and part non-paved road (in good conditions).

T ||TOP||

Northeast > Piau? > Teresina <>Teresina Hotels by TravelNow
the only significant City place between Fortaleza and Sao Lu?s best known for it very hot temperature which averages 40?C . Find the best of the City along the banks of the Rio Parna?ba
GETTING THERE:  Rodoviaria is on the outskirts of the city and has a tourist information post  (Mon-Fri 8am-noon & 2-6pm, Sat 8am-noon) run by the state tourist organization PIEMTUR, where you can pick up free booklets with a city map. Frequent buses run into the centre, and there are cheap taxis, too. You will also find an information post on the corner of Magalh?es Filho and Alvaro Mendes in the centre of town five blocks from the Pra?a da Liberdade. It's very easy to find your way around as the streets are organized in a grid pattern.

Rio > Inland: North to the mountains > Teres?polis
Smaller than Petr?polis it also shares some of its Germanic characteristics, including a benevolent alpine climate Many hotels in Teres?polis are located on hillside beauty spots, far from the town centre. The best of them is the Rosa dos Ventos (tel 021/642-8833; $90-125) on the Nova Friburgo road, some 22km from town. Serra dos Orgaos National Park is here
GETTING THERE:  TERES?POLIS can be reached directly from Rio by bus, the best route is from Petr?polis
In January, Teres?polis hosts the Curso Internacional PRO-ARTE , with live classical music performances

Tibau do Sul - Natal by Hotels Brazil
Tiradentes by

Nestled at the foot of the Serra de Sao Jos?, it's a place where time has stood still. When the last mine closed in 1830, people moved away and the town was left as if frozen in amber. A heritage designation early on in 1938 kept any further development at bay. By bus to Tiradentes, visitors must first travel to Sao Jo?o del Rei first and from the rodoviaria connect with the frequent buses that cover the 14km to Tiradentes. There is also an antique train connecting the two cities as well.

 Trancoso by BookHostels

Bahia > Southern Bahian coast > South of Porto Seguro > Trancoso
Down the coast from Arraial d'Ajuda - more peaceful, but up and coming for development
GETTING THERE:  You can get there either by bus (about five a day from Arraial d'Ajuda, taking fifty minutes) or on foot . It's a beautiful walk - 12km down the beach from Arraial - but you have to ford a couple of rivers so be prepared to get wet.

V ||TOP||

Esp?rito Santo > Vit?ria <>Vit?ria Hotels by TravelNow  
As a city, VIT?RIA is vaguely reminiscent of Rio with its combination of sea, steep hills, granite outcrops and irregularly shaped mountains on the horizon. Founded in 1551, it's one of the oldest cities in Brazil, but few traces of its past remain and nowadays most of the centre is urban sprawl. Vit?ria is not a tourist town, and few people visit it unless they have a very definite reason.

Vila Vela is the name of a group of natural sculptures that look like ruins of a deserted city. Situated approximately 80 Km Northwest from Curitiba and 20 Km Southeast of Ponta Grossa, Vila Velha is as a well-known tourist attraction. The sculptures are located in a National Park.  The
heights range from a few meters to about 30 meters.

Rio > Inland: North to the mountains > Volta Redonda <>Volta Redonda Hotels by TravelNow   
Situated on the banks of the River Para?ba , the city is dominated by steel mills
GETTING THERE: From Rio, the Cidade do A?o bus company runs a service along the BR-116 to VOLTA REDONDA  

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Horror stories abound. Its much worse than merely bait & switch where you still have to option to opt out. Google your prospective internet airfare travel provider followed by "sucks" or "review" to get a current update on leading air consolidators like, travelocity,Orbitz, One Travel  & Common occurrences include: Inability to adjust slightly or upgrade. Inability to get help receiving products bought & paid for. Inability to get help from the airline. Impossible long hold times when attempting to get help correcting their error. In fairness to the air booking services, a large measure of the problem is lack of cooperation by the airlines who want you to book direct on their website. The travel booking sites explain you tell  are acting as your own travel agent when you use their service.
Credit Card companies are not able to reverse airfare charges even when you can simply prove you have been ripped off (it's the only exception!) Still save your e-mails because good ones will go to bat for your based on what you can send them.
It is unfortunate that there has been such a determined campaign to drive travel agents out of the travel business by airlines.  Perhaps you should consider a travel specialist your preferred option with something as critical and complex as air travel. These days its good to find out if how they expect to be paid for their service as adding a surcharge (of a % or $ ?) to your total purchase is becoming more common. It is also best to do as much on research in advance on the web before you ask for assistance. Also consider traveling with a group, particularly if you want to see many sights and do not have confidence in your travel language skills. 
You can often find google listings nearby your content showing  specialists to Brazil. We also try to list the URLs for the airlines where you can often find internet specials. Other options to consider include cancellation insurance and purchasing at an airfare rate which allows changes for little or no cost. Getting the best deal is fun but getting burnt with no good solutions beyond posting a rant has become too easy.
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to the state of Bahia's coastal  beach paradise and a much wider range of offerings than merely hostels where you share rooms with strangers. Their  TOUR engine is one of the best and well worth some clicking if your considering staying in one of their supported cities. These Links: Many of their Brazil cities have only 1 hostel which means their may be no option if the hostel dropped out. Click above menu for currently available cities. FAQs about this service
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Still stuck, try these last minute guys, ratesToGo who added lots of Brazil hotel inventory in 2004 and are part of the Hotel Club group which has links to 20 Brazilian Cities above. This is Cendant Travel Distribution Services Division, which has been providing online reservation services since 1996 for more than 8,500 hotels in 41 countries worldwide. They have a rebate program for you too.
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