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Boa Vista
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Roraima é o Estado mais setentrional do País. Seu nome inicial foi Rio Branco, mas para evitar o mesmo nome da capital do estado do Acre, adotou o nome atual, como forma de homenagear a tribo indígena Tepuis.

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Cachoeira Falls
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---Portal do Governo de Roraima
Portal do Servidor Público Estadual
Portal da Prefeitura de Boa Vista

MPE - Ministério Público de Roraima

SEBRAE - Roraima

SECD - Secretaria de Educação, Cultura e Desportos de Roraima

SEFAZ - Secretaria de Fazenda de Roraima

SEPLAN - Secretaria de Planejamento e Desenvolvimento de Roraima

SESC - Roraima

SESAU - Secretaria de Saúde de Roraima

SETRABES - Secretaria do Trabalho e Bem-Estar Social de Roraimal

TCE-RR - Tribunal de Contas de Roraima

TJRR - Tribunal de Justiça de Roraima

TRE-RR -Tribunal Regional Eleitoral de Roraima

UFRR - Universidade Federal de Roraima

The city makes verge to the north with the cities of Amajari, Pacaraima and Normandy, to the south with the cities of Mucajaí and Cantá, the east with the cities of Cantá and Bonfim, and the west with the High city of Glad.
Boa Vista – Manaus (Amazonas) 758 Km
Boa Vista – Santa Elena do Uairén (Venezuela) 230 Km
Boa Vista – Caracas (Venezuela) 1.582 Km
Boa Vista – Georgetown (República da Guiana) 641 Km
Boa Vista – Lethem (República da Guiana) 125 Km
Outras Localidades:
Alto Alegre - 89 Km
Amajari - 154 Km
Bonfim - 120 Km
Cantá - 30 Km
Caracaraí - 155 Km
Caroebe - 358 Km
Iracema - 93 Km
Mucajaí - 55 Km
Normandia - 190 Km
Pacaraima - 220 Km
Rorainópolis - 298 Km
São João da Baliza - 320 Km
São Luís do Anauá - 336 Km
Uiramutã - 306 Km
Cachoeira do Aracá

in Brazil

This waterfall appears to have been discovered very recently, possibly as late as 2001, and is now thought to be the tallest waterfall in Brazil at 365 meters[1197 feet]. This, however, may be valid pending further information about Cachoiera do Pilao, an alledged 2000 footer in the northern Amazon region. Regardless of the height, this appears to be a very heavy volume waterfall, stretching as much as 100 feet wide at peak flow. [more at]


Located on the left bank of the Rio Branco, only 220 km from the border of Brazil and Venezuela, Boa Vista is the only Brazilian capital located entirely above the Equator, and a gateway for ecoturismo to the Amazon, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname. The state itself is named after Mount Roraima and represents a symbolic challenge of uniting the hemisphere, as well as an irresistible invitation to the adventurers and seekers of mother nature's place in the 21st century.

Immigration en masse to Boa Vista started in 1980, with the discovery of gold and diamonds. In 1950 the population was 5,132; today there are over 240,000 inhabitants.

Wide avenues, woody streets, and a clean and organized city often surprise the first time visitor. This modern, planned city, built around a radial axis, is distinguished among the capitals in the North Region of Brazil.

Boa Vista has a strong observance of the afternoon siesta, with many closing their business doors for two hours after the lunch.

Praca de Agua, prominent for the monument  Vestibule of the Milênio, constructed for the arrival of year 2000. Good night spot encircled with bars and restaurants, with frequent music events and dancing.
Anauá park With natural lake, aquatic park and  prime area for leisure and sports. It shelters the Museum of Roraima, with aboriginal objects av. Brig. Eduardo Gomes is the site of many important annual events

ORLA TAUMANAN On the edge [orla] of the Rio Branco, with snack bars, restaurants and two outdoor stages for shows on weekends. The official tourist office is here on Rua Floriano Peixoto.
It is adjacent to the historical center, also along the edge of the Rio Branco, where the city of Boa Vista was born in 1830. The first church is still there; don't miss the central square,
Praca Barreto Leite.

MUNICIPAL PARK AUGUST GERMANO SAMPAIO Lots of green area and a lagoon.

COMPLEX AYRTON SENNA Located in the center of the city, the complex Ayrton Senna contains 3 square km of  sports - tennis, volley ball, soccer, basketball, tracks for bicycles and runners, as well as bars and restaurants.

TOURISM VELIA SODRÉ COUTINHO The exposition center can accommodate 8,000 people and has a nice view of Praça das Águas

The First Church of Our Lady of Carmo was constructed in 1909 for Benedictine priests from Germany, in substitution of the small chapel raised for the Franciscan missionaries in 1892.
Leia More PRELATURE - Constructed in 1907 in a  neoclassical style, the building preserves its original architecture, and represents a landmark in the architecture and the culture of Boa Vista.
A ocupação de Roraima foi muito beneficiada pela ação dos padres Carmelitas, que iniciaram um importante trabalho de catequese e pacificação junto aos indígenas.

The Monument to the Goldpanners, in the Barreto Leite square, is the city's most famous monument and recognizes great period in the 1970's & 80's where the goldpan put the local economy into motion. Located in the Civic Center Complex


Boa Vista Airport (BVB)

Regular flights for Manaus  Belém, Macapá, Altamira, Santarém, Óbidos, Itaituba, Oriximiná and Golden Monte. Boa Vista based airline that flies between Boa Vista,  Georgetown, Guyana & Paramaribo (nicknamed Par'bo - the capital of Suriname).

Many regular flights by Gol Transportes Aéreos

Bus: There is regular bus service connecting the various cities in the state, and also routes to Manaus and Puerto La Cruz, in Venezuela
By car take BR-174 
Crossing the border into Brazil
You will need:
---To cross the border into Brazil you need a health card showing yellow fever vaccination - international yellow fever certificate [more at]

---Canadian & USA citizens must have visa only obtainable from local consulate back home.

Venezuela <-> Brazil
Rented cars cannot cross the border: the documents must be in the name of the driver.
The road is well maintained and nicely paved.

There is bus service to Manaus and Puerto La Cruz, in Venezuela.

Guyana <-> Brazil
Boa Vista has bus connections to Manaus and destinations in Venezuela. There are also six daily buses to Bonfim and the border with Guyana. If crossing the border, do not get off in Bonfim; the bus will continue to the border.
The road is well maintained and nicely paved.
Rented cars cannot cross the border: the documents must be in the name of the driver.

Lethem by -Guyana Border town

Brazil-Guyana Relations by

State of Roraima - Brazil
Roraima is the least populated Brazilian State, and also the one  with the highest rate of population growth, growing from 92,000 in 1980 to 324,000 in 2000. About 72% of the State (southern and western zones) is covered by the Amazon forest; the remaining 28% are composed of savannahs (or cerrados, as they are called in Brazil), where most of population lives.

The striking radial planning of the capital city of Boa Vista was done by the first state government. The main avenues converge at the Civic Center Plaza, where the headquarters of three governmental branches reside (legislative, judiciary, and executive). It was planned by the architect Darci Aleixo Deregusson, who designed the city in a similar fashion to that of Paris, France. It was built under the direction of Captain Ene Garcez, the first governor of Roraima.

In 1943, during the middle of World War II, Boa Vista became the capital of the recently created Federal Territory of Rio Branco. The territory grew due to the mining in the area. The then Federal Territory of Rio Branco was elevated to statehood, and after some time it was known as Roraima. Later, mining with machines became prohibited because of damage to the lands.

Most of the state is at low altitudes; on the border with Venezuela, one finds the mountain chains of Parima and Pacaraima.

Monte Caburaí is the most northern point of Brazil. This is where the river Uialã is born, impressive for the beauty of its rapids, beyond the fauna and flora riquíssimas. The waterfall of the Garã Garã is prettiest of all, with a fall of 200 meters. Flowers are another true treasure of this mountain range.

Ilha de Maracá  is a biological reserve located the 100 km to the north of Boa Vista, in the city of Amajari. It is in a transitional band between the Amazonian forest and open savannah;  Maracá encloses about 100. ha of surface, with hills at the center of the island. Painted ounce, tapir, ariranha and guariba are some endangered species  that thrive here. International researchers come here with the authorization of the IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources Ibama: Av. Brigadier General Eduardo Gomes, 1332. Boa Vista - RR Phone: (95) 3224 - 4011: Fax: (95) 3224-4847 )

Fort S. Joaquin Access over land can be difficult. It is better to take the boat trip (2h30 min). The fort, today in ruins, was constructed in 1775 for the Portuguese to contain the advance of Spaniard and English, whose military expeditions searched the legendary treasure of El Dorado. Today it is headquarters of aboriginal area S. Landmarks and functions as a center of Amerindian conventions.

Spotted rock  Giant granite block (60 meters of diameter and 35 meters of height) by the edges of the river Parimé. Pre-Columbian paintings and markings - some believed to be  2500 years old.

Caracaranã lake October to April is a good time to enjoy swimming, windsurf, diving, fishing and other water sports. There are bars, restaurants, and camping areas. 170 km from Boa Vista on the BR-401.

Monte Roraima National Park
Brazil's Monte Roraima National Park, created in 1989, covers an area of 116,000 hectares.  It is a region of beautiful savannah, intersected by rivers, waterfalls and 2,727 metres high Monte Roraima. There are over 400 species of bromélias. Few have scaled Mt Roraima from the Brazilian side, whichA economina de Roraima baseia-se na agricultura, pecuária e extrativismo mineral e vegetal Na agricultura destacam-se a produção de arroz, feijão, milho e mandioca. Na pecuária a principal criação é a de gado bovino, e no extrativismo destacam-se a prospecção de cassiterita, molibdênio, bauxita, cobre e granito. is reserved for expert rock climbers. The Brazilian side has a thick wall of 600 m in height. In the sandstone plateau (40 km2), time and the wind has sculptured animals in the rocks, if the creative mind uses the cracks and abysses well.

Academic Vincenzo Lauriola  discusses the local Ingariko Indians across the Serra do Sol and integrating their own cultural ecological perspective into the conservation of nature and indigenous peoples in Brazil. Roraima Mount: National Park vs. Raposa-Serra do Sol Indigenous Land. Ambient. soc.,  Campinas,  v. 6,  n. 1,  2003.  Available from:



Humid, hot, tropical climate.
Temperature varies from 21º  to 36º with an average annual temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius

20/JAN - São Sebastião
1 FEB - Queen and King Momo of the Carnival
Carnival 5 days before Ash Wednesday
Carnajaí is celebrated in Mucajaí
April: International Mountain Bike competition in Anauá park
29/JUN - São Pedro Festival in Praca Barreto Leite
9/JUL - Aniversário de Boa Vista in the center of the City
AUG: FEMUR - Festival of Music of Roraima in Anauá park
SEP: Week of the Native land Av. Ene Garcez
OCT: Boa Vista Folia on Av. Ene Garcez
DEC: EXPOFERR - Exposition and Farming Fair of Roraima  at Exposition Park
A Dream called Roraima
detail from Monument to the Pioneers by Luíz Canará, which pays tributes to the early influences in the state

Beaches of the Rio Branco

Between September and April the water level drops very low on the Rio Branco, creating gorgeous, inviting white sand beaches. Rental boats can easily be found in the port of Boa Vista; head towards the Amazon forest to discover a lively scene with beach bars and restaurants. 
Island of the GRANDE BEACH Located 6 km from Boa Vista, on the left bank of the Rio Branco. A large fertile valley island with plenty of white sand.
BEACH OF THE GOOD WATER Located 15  km away, to the edges of the river Cauamé. Its waters are calm. Surrounded for typical vegetation of the Amazônia, they are the beaches of the Caçari, Curupira, Polar and Cauamé, all endowed with support infrastructure, bars and restaurants.
GETTING THERE: Rent a boat through a tourist agency
The Yanomami Indians of the state are part of the population that give Roraima state the largest representation of Amerindians. They are a culture rich in folklore and their cuisine have strongly influenced the evolving culinary arts of the state. They are joined by the Maiogong, Taurepang, Macuxí, Ingaricó, Waimiri-Atroari, and Wai-Wai.

Trip Reports
Crossing the border to Brazil from Venezuela by VW caravan:
"While his mechanic was doing this, Guillermo [the owner of Hotel Frontera ]drove us all to the Brasilian border, where he herded us into a room to get the exit stamps in our passports. He then found a different person who put an exit date on the auto visa also in our passport.

Next, Guillermo drove us over to the Brasilian side of the border, where he confirmed that we could get all of the paperwork done to bring our cars into the country. Normally, the border crossing gives auto visas good
until Manaus but no further. You need to stop in Boa Vista to get the paperwork to bring the cars further into Brasil. Guillermo explained that we were driving the length of the country, and they agreed to type up the papers necessary to bring the cars further into Brasil.
We returned to the garage, where Guillermo called a friend who is a sort of customs agent. She agreed to do all of the running-around necessary to get our papers from customs for 15,000 Bs. or about US$20 per car. This
sounded great to us. She came over, we gave her our paperwork bundles, and off she went..... The whole situation is very sad, and the proportion of women to men will continue to increase as long as men chase gold in Santa Elena." [follow the caravana from San Francisco at as it continues on to Manaus the Brazilian capital of the Amazon in Oct-2000 by Ron Lussier]
Tres Punto on Mt. Roraima
"We will reach  the valley of the crystals, the obelisk monument Triple point (border of Venezuela-Brasil-Guyana), no passport required there ! and will hike on to " el Pozo" , a natural water pit with a small cave system below it  [more at tours]
Birding in vicinity
"Boa Vista, the state capital, is a well laid out city and a good centre for birding. There are now plenty of hotels but hotel accomodation outside Boa Vista is sparse. The Quatro Rodas map of Roraima is very small scale. You can buy a large scale map from the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE) shop just off the main square in Boa Vista. This map is eccentric – it marks fazendas and Indian villages but not small towns – but useful.

The Ilha São José, mentioned by Forrester, is 20km, not 10km upstream, almost an hour in a boat. The wetlands across the river are only accessible by boat."
more at ]

Bike Riding through to Venezuela
"When I reach the day's halfway point (the brand spanking new bridge over the Rio Branco), it is already one in the afternoon and I realize that I won't make Boa Vista without pedaling into the night. I continue on to the town of Maracajai, where I allow myself to hop aboard a bus for the final 52 kilometers to Boa Vista. I rationalize the short bus ride because I don't want to ride in Brazil at night and I must obtain a Venezuelan visa in Boa Vista before the weekend begins. I am justifiably worried about visa delays and think I should begin the application process on thursday morning. Total distance biked 209 kilometers.
new bridge over the Rio Branco

"June 7 -It takes me 20 minutes to get the free visa for Venezuela. It is a pleaure to speak Spanish with the staff at the consulate even though they are not really too friendly. I guess I am just kind of lonely surrounded by all these Portugese speakers
More about the bicycle trip at woodskunk.]


Places To Stay: Boa Vista
While Boa Vista the capital has plenty of beds for visitors there are few beds available in most other cities in the state of Roraima AIPANA PLAZA HOTEL
Localizado no Centro da Cidade, a 4 km do Aeroporto

Praça do Centro Cívico, 53
Fone: (95) 224-4800 / Fax: (95) 224-4116
E-mail: Itamaraty Palace Hotel – Av. Nossa Senhora da Consolata, 1957 – São Vicente
Telefone: (95) 3224-9113 / 3224-9257
Hotel Almada – Rua Amajari, 875 – São Vicente
Telefone: (95) 3224-0820
Hotel Barrudada – Rua Araújo Filho, 228 – Centro
Telefone: (95) 3623-1378 / 3623-1710
Hotel Euzébios – Rua Cecília Brasil, 1517 – Centro
Telefone: (95) 3623-0300
Hotel Farroupilha – Av. das Guianas, 1542 – São Vicente
Telefone: (95) 3624-4226
Hotel Ideal – Rua Araújo Filho, 533 – Centro
Telefone: (95) 3224-6342
Hotel Três Nações – Av. Ville Roy, 8537 – São Vicente
Telefone: (95) 3224-3439

Av. Capitão Ene Garcez, 427 - Centro
Fone: (95) 6244-4700
Tours & Travel Agencies
Meta Mesquita Táxi Aéreo
Telefone: (95) 3224-7780 / 3224-7490

Praça Santos Dumond 100 – Hangar – Aeroporto
Call Center: 0300 789 5503*
Flys between Boa Vista & Georgetown, Guyana
Eucatur União Cascavel
Telefone: (95) 3624-1322
Anaconda Turismo
Telefone: (95) 3224- 4132

Amatur Amazônia Turismo
Telefone: (95) 3626-7153 / 3626-7258

Monte Roraima Turismo
Telefone: (95) 3623-0850 / 3623-9252

Timbó Viagens
Telefone: (95) 3224-4077 / 3623-0545
E-mail: /

Lene Tur Viagens
Telefone: (95) 3623-3378

Águia Viagens e Turismo
Telefone: (95) 3624-4212 / 3624-1516

Megatur Viagens
Telefone: (95) 3623-1800

Conexão Turismo
Telefone: (95) 3623-3309 / 3623-3284

Enesa Turismo
Telefone: (95) 3224-9292

Transeme Turismo
Telefone: (95) 3224-6849 / 3224-6271

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