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Gualeguaychú & Argentina's National Carnaval

The newest highlight of nightlife here is not a bar but the Gualeguaychú Casino, Costanera and San Mart?n (tel. 3446/424-603), which opened in February of 2005. The owners call it the world's only Carnaval-themed casino, and it has been beautifully decorated in a Carnaval theme by local artists
"The best close beach is the Solar del Este, just northeast of town. Other excellent camping sites and beaches exist within a few miles of downtown Gualeguaychú. A car makes things much easier when you're here, but there are no car-rental services in Gualeguaychú or in the surrounding cities. The solution is to rent a car in Buenos Aires and drive to Gualeguaychú."

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El carnaval de Gualeguaychú, provincia de Entre Rios

Corsos, or schools, which are groups of people who band together to produce the Carnaval spectacle. A carnival center called the corsodromo containing 38,000 seats was built in the city, and in thisDownload  corsodromo samba bands dance during the Carnaval celebrations along its 500 meters.




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The Argentine Mesopotamia region, which encompasses the provinces of Missiones, Entre R?os, and Corrientes, is where many of these festive events are held. The most popular and well known Carnaval by virtue of a strong marketing campaign to fill 350,000 seats in the corsodromo over a season of nine Saturday s these is that of Gualeguaychú, in the southern part of Entre Rios province.

Gualeguachu Carnival calls itself - theDownload "country's carnival" (El Carnaval del Pais) in contrast to the other huge Carnaval in the nearby city of Corrientes which uses the title of "the Country's Carnaval Capital"

During the Carnaval del Pais, 4 samba clubs (comparsa) compete for the title of "kings of the carnival".

Mari-Mari Samba Queen

Each comparsa includes over 700 dancers, and is accompanied by 5 huge stages, a drum band (batucada) and a singing band. Each club chooses a theme and a theme song, and the theme is brought to life using the stages, costumes, decorations and songs.

WHEN: Gualeguaychú's event is held every Saturday in January, February, and sometimes even the first week in March. If you're in Buenos Aires during this time period, it's a great destination for a side trip.Download

Gualeguaychú was also an area of mass German immigration which somewhat explains the abundance or beautiful blonde women.

Gualeguaychú has historical areas that contribute to the city heritage and are worth visiting- San Mart?n Square, Urquiza Square, San Jos? Cathedral or cultural sites like the  Magnasco Institute Museum, the Railway Museum

Beaches along the Rio Gualeguaychú and the Rio Uruguay. Many Porte?os choose to vacation here for the beaches, camping, and fishing.
By the river, the natural beauty that dresses the coast is increased by many beaches, the port and the Unzu? Park with a thick and varied vegetation.
These places are chosen to practice water sports, fishing and amusing walks in the open air.
You can also visit the Boca Port in the junction of the Gualeguaychú and Uruguay Rivers, El Sir? Autochthonous Flora and Fauna Preservation Station, Itapeby Country House or the ?andubaysal Beach and Camping located 17 km away from the city on the verge of Uruguay River.
Historical: Gualeguaychú has historical areas that contribute to the city heritage and are worth visiting- San Mart?n Square, Urquiza Square, San Jos? Cathedral or cultural sites like the Magnasco Institute Museum, the Railway Museum, Andrade's House and Fray Mocho's House which are true evidence of the eager development of the city.

GETTING THERE: by car from Buenos Aires, take Ruta 12 north from Buenos Aires and then go north again on Ruta 14 where they intersect.From Uruguay, you can take "Libertador San Mart?n International Bridge" that links the city with Fray Bentos City in the neighbouring country.
Buses for Gualeguaychú from Buenos Aires leave from the Retiro Bus Station and go to the Gualeguaychú Terminal de Omnibus at Boulevard Jurardo and Boulevard Artigas (tel. 3446/440-688). The journey takes about 3 hours. Various companies will make the trip, including FlechaBus. Call tel. 3446/440-776 in Gualeguaychú or tel. 11/4315-2781 in Buenos Aires for tickets, schedules, and information or visit  Look for special Carnaval bus trips to the Carnaval leaving Buenos Aires in the afternoon, stay in Gualeguaychú for the Carnaval event, and then return to Buenos Aires after 3 or 4am.
There is no nearby airport with commercial services,

WEATHER: The climate of the region is template with an average temperature of 18?C, being the maximum temperature of 32?C in Summer and minimum temperature of 5?C in Winter. Nearly everything other than some restaurants and a few small convenience stores will close between 1 and 4pm.

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