2007 Queen Marina Junqueira

Third time’s the charm for San Francisco’s Queen of Carnaval 2007:

In her third appearance in the Queen of San Francisco Carnaval competition, Marina Junqueira outshone a very competitive field by keeping a simple philosophy in mind: “I wasn’t worried – I did it because I wanted to have fun.” By not putting too much pressure on herself, she allowed her fun and energetic performance to win over the judges and excite the crowd. In doing so, she became the 8th member of the Aquarela dance troupe (now with 5 queens and 3 kings) to be crowned San Francisco Carnaval royalty.

Marina's winning dance at the 2007 King and Queen of Carnaval competition. For more video of the competitors, visit our King and Queen video pages.

Born in Belem, Marina split her time growing up between Fortaleza in Brazil and San Francisco and Vallejo here in the Bay Area. She attended Carnaval balls as a kid with her family, and has long been a fan of Carnaval. “I think the energy and the loudness, people jumping and dancing and having a good time, and of course the costumes,” are all factors that Marina cites when asked what she loves about Carnaval. But it was the performance of Aquarela at the San Francisco Carnaval Ball 10 years ago that finally led her to pursue dancing. “I saw the Aquarela dance team and said, I want to do that!”

King Danilo and Queen Marina share a victory dance after being crowned for the 2007 Carnaval.
Marina has been dancing with Aquarela for close to nine years now. She credits Maria Souza and Silvana Souza as her biggest influences, but she also cites another source of inspiration – the audiences which energize her dance performances. Marina has shared that same inspiration with others, having taught dance at the high school where she is an English teacher (she is in the process of finishing her credentialing program), and would like to work more with adolescents: “I want to see if I can teach more adolescents and get them involved in Carnival. I’d like to show them there is more besides wearing a bikini and doing samba – there are other beautiful Brazilian dances, and parts of the culture as well.”

Marina can be reached at -

Photo by Christian Knepper

Fortaleza, Marina's childhood home in Brazil

2007 Queen Competition top finishers:

Raffaella Falchi: 1st Runner Up

Gina Amato: 2nd Runner Up

Laura Gilbert: 3rd Runner Up

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RIP: Carnaval San Francisco's great Carlos Aceituno  passed on September on Tuesday September 26, 2006. Many of the entrants at this years King and Queen competition dedicated their performance to Carlos.

The leader of Fogo Na Roupa was loved by all as an inspirational mentor, teacher, and creative force whose everyday example of living life in the present and coming together joyously  through the power of song dance and community at Carnaval time will long be remembered.
Tribute to Carlos Flight of the Quetzal

"We can now remember that SMILE and all his LOVE that he gave to our community throughout his lifetime through memory. El Es Dios! "
 - Roberto Hernandez, Artistic Director of Carnaval SF

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