2007 King Competition Top Finishers

The 2007 Carnaval San Francisco King and Queen competition took place at Fanatics Sports Entertainment complex in San Francisco on March 31, 2007. You can find images and video of the top four finishers in the King competition here. Visit our Queen page to view pictures and video of that competition, and check out our YouTube channel for videos relating to Carnaval around the world, and San Francisco's historic Mission District.
The top finishers:
King - Danilo Macarrao
1st Runner Up - Eduardo Vargas
2nd Runner Up - Daniel Lucio
3rd Runner Up - Robert Wallace


King Danilo Macarrao
The energy moves up a notch, as contestant Danilo
commanded the full space at the Fanatics Sports Entertainment Complex. Recently settled in the Bay Area after  six years of touring with the critically acclaimed performing Brazilian/modern dance company, DanceBrazil.  The expectant father has decided to settle down and apply for the open seat of top Brazilian male dancer of the Bay Area. Originally from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, Danilo Macarrao has over 20 years experience in the Brazilian martial art form of capoeira.


Eduardo Vargas:
1st Runner Up

Born in Mexico, Eduardo Vargas has immersed himself in the Brazilian culture for the last five years.  He has worked with Tedje Rose of AKAT dance troupe, Queen Iya Silva, Queen Maisa, Conseicao Damascno of Ginga Brazil, Queen Maria Souza and Carlos Aceituno. He dedicated his performance to  Carlos Aceituno  for “showing him that Samba is more than feathers and glitter.”


Daniel Lucio:
2nd Runner Up

Originally from Minas Gerais, Brazil, Daniel is the founder and artistic director of Samba Sol da Liberdade, a Brazilian dance troupe in Boulder Colorado, where he resides.  Besides dancing he is committed to “using his work to further community building and social justice.”   Daniel  was the 2nd place runner up for King in the 2006 competition as well. 

Robert "Bobby" Wallace:
3rd Runner Up
Robert “Bobby” Wallace, known as the “Drum Guy” has performed with world music superstars Bonnie Raitt, David Rudder and Margaret Menezes.  He says that he has reached thousands of students with his message of the power of rhythm. 


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2006 Parade Fotos

Carnavalesco Kip Farris, the greatest parade float building in the history of making merry in the San Francisco passed  in December of 2005. We created a special page for him here

Aquarela Muse Micaela

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King Danilo
Eduardo Vargas
Daniel Lucio
Robert Bobby Wallace
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RIP: Carnaval San Francisco's great Carlos Aceituno  passed on September on Tuesday September 26, 2006. Many of the entrants at this years King and Queen competition dedicated their performance to Carlos.

The leader of Fogo Na Roupa was loved by all as an inspirational mentor, teacher, and creative force whose everyday example of living life in the present and coming together joyously  through the power of song dance and community at Carnaval time will long be remembered.
Tribute to Carlos Flight of the Quetzal

"We can now remember that SMILE and all his LOVE that he gave to our community throughout his lifetime through memory. El Es Dios! "
 - Roberto Hernandez, Artistic Director of Carnaval SF

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