2007 King Danilo Macarrao

A Carnaval newcomer claims the king’s crown for 2007:

Danilo Macarrao, a native of Salvador, Bahia, learned the rhythms of dance through the martial art form capoeira, which he has been doing his whole life. Though he has loved dance ever since he was a child, it was his capoeira master, Jelon Vieira, who got him started dancing professionally nine years ago. Zieira is the director and choreographer of the critically acclaimed Dance Brazil, which mixes many contemporary dance styles with capoeira. This blend of styles was on display when Danilo was proclaimed the winner at this year’s King and Queen of Carnaval San Francisco competition. Not bad for a newcomer to Carnaval.

Danilo's winning dance at the 2007 King and Queen of Carnaval competition. For more video of the competitors, visit our King and Queen video pages.

“I heard of Carnaval before coming to California. While I was taking some dance classes here, I heard about the (King and Queen) contest, and I was interested in doing something for the contest,” says Danilo. “I like Carnaval because the sounds and music make people happy and vibrant. I also like that the theme (“Love Happens”) is about love.” Now, as this year’s king, he will have a chance to share his own vibrant style with the people of San Francisco.

Before coming to California in Fall 2006, Danilo was sharing his love of dance and capoeira around the world. He toured for six years with Dance Brazil, taught classes in Japan, and then was in New York for several months, where he met his wife. Luckily for Carnaval revelers in San Francisco, Danilo’s wife is from California, and the two have settled down here to raise their first child.

King Danilo and Queen Marina share a victory dance after being crowned for the 2007 Carnaval.

“I am just learning about California. I like it because it is more warm, like Brazil - and the people are warm too, more than in other places in United States. Every day I learn something new.”

For the time being, Danilo is focused on being a father, and continuing to teach dance and capoeira. He is currently teaching classes at Gold’s Gym in Oakland, and would like to open his own studio someday for dance, capoeira, and other arts. Considering how quickly he became King, it might happen sooner than you’d expect.

Danilo can be reached at –


Photo by Ben°

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2007 King Competition top finishers:

Eduardo Vargas: 1st Runner Up

Daniel Lucio: 2nd Runner Up

Robert Wallace: 3rd Runner Up

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Dance Brazil is the critically acclaimed dance company which Danilo toured with for six years.

Danilo teaches dance & capoeira at Gold's Gym in Oakland.


RIP: Carnaval San Francisco's great Carlos Aceituno  passed on September on Tuesday September 26, 2006. Many of the entrants at this years King and Queen competition dedicated their performance to Carlos.

The leader of Fogo Na Roupa was loved by all as an inspirational mentor, teacher, and creative force whose everyday example of living life in the present and coming together joyously  through the power of song dance and community at Carnaval time will long be remembered.
Tribute to Carlos Flight of the Quetzal

"We can now remember that SMILE and all his LOVE that he gave to our community throughout his lifetime through memory. El Es Dios! "
 - Roberto Hernandez, Artistic Director of Carnaval SF

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