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Carnaval SF Group
Most Interesting in flickr speak
Painted Body Art- a growing Carnaval aesthetic
"Carnival arts offers all of us a dynamic tool for self-expression and exploration, a tool to seek out our roots, a tool to develop new forms of looking at the world and its cultures, and finally, a tool to unite the world, to discover what we all have in common, and to celebrate what makes us different. The power and creativity that underlies these art forms can transform lives. Join hands with All Ah We, and together we will dance the song of life!"

Suzanne Ludlum




Is that a tornado or is that
She's been called the Brazilian Tina Turner and most agree she's  the most energizing and best Brazilian singer/dancer playing in Bay Area clubs. But now she has recently she has been showing off her sultry side singing jazz in a trio with percussionist Mark Fishman.


logo Building Bridges Through Culture

Let's return the SALUTE to the brilliant, driven Suzanne Ludlum who will soon achieve thirty years of making major contributions to the local Carnaval scene. Her group All Ah We in recent years has often become a wing of another Caribbean group but her web site's history of Carnival googles out to be the most sited source on this important topic. See why at
There are nearly shimmering 100 flickr groups devoted to the sf mission so as the site that provides guidance and colidation to this extraordinary neighborhood we felt an obligation to start developing by beginning with our own obsession--Carnaval San Francisco. Not surprisingly the names of our two decade plus old web sites [ &] were long gone but we were pleased to our archival site's name aforum still available. Thus you can access our flickr action direct at

Carnaval-San Francisco

Is it on, or
in the bubble?

As we start thinking about how to approach our 30th birthday as the West Coast's largest ethnic event and the Bay Area's only annual unity parade.  These are questions for the two oversight bodies Carnaval Advisory Committee [CAC] and MNC's [Mission Neighborhood Centers] Cultural Arts Committee both chaired by Peter Balogh in association with out sister sites, and does Flicker. If you're a flickr photographer and you want us to link to you put a tag or tag on the photo you agree to let us put up in our imageserver.
You get more than twice as many by not combining the terms carnaval and sf like so

If your not going to the Giants Carnaval Day then mark the relaunched
2007 Cinco de Mayo is at Dolores Park on the 5th of May
on your calendar. Retuning to
las raíces --the roots where the Bay Area was founded in 1776 at Mission Dolores

Learn about Diego Rivera's connection to the murals of the SF Mission District.
If the San Francisco Bay Area is the creative center of the planet; does that make the SF Mission the spiritual center of the universe?





Most Interesting
After 7 days this below standout muse was emerging from the highly touted flickr "Most Interesting" algorithm as top dawg among the 340 well tagged fotos we added to the few thousand already up at flickr. With the 2007 addition of photo printing, flickr may have surpassed the long lamented departure of Bruce Dantzinger's Mission One Hour Photo Service across the street from the MCCLA
"Most interesting" Carnaval + SF 2006 foto
light as feathers by shapeshift focuses on the irrepressible ubiquitous and alluring Louise Joanes helping to lead the Kip Farris memorial
Shapeshift is the shamanic art of transformation

"Many indigenous cultures have used the art of shapeshifting for success in the hunt or for guidance in healing. Shapeshifters understand that through focus and intent they can change energy patterns and render new forms on personal, cellular and institutional levels"

Shapeshift @ flickr is David Pham
"David takes us to distant far away places that some of us can only dream about .......
His unique style, technique & treatment captures time soooo perfectly ..
Sit back and come dream away in his stream ..... you wont be sorry =)" ---Kazzie---

While Shapeshifter, Louise Joanes and the Kip Ferris Memorial Dream all make the above pic add up to the "most interesting " of 2006 SF Carnaval. The wider search for all images related to SF Carnaval shows this mysterious black & white photo in top position. francisco carnaval


Eric Crawford's
who won the first ROOT photo contest is better known for his comprehensive, authoritive guide to the SF Bay area Brazilian music,

Brazilian Musicians

Salvador, The Black Rome

A Folia Baiana



People Watching
Kelly of Hot Pink Feathers has charmed diverse groups of audiences as she brings new perspectives to the Carnaval by combining its aesthetics with burlesque to create something fun and new.


The wild painted body costume  
  by You Can Call Me "Sir"

Where does Carnaval San Francisco's artistic director Roberto Hernandez stand on body paint?

This 2006 Puerto Rican [to the right] standout or destaque could be found riding atop her float during the the second half of the parade with a  a makeshift skirt covering parts of her costume.

This is the most viewed Carnaval SF photo on flickr averaging over 20 pages views per day in the 10 months since it was first posted on June 12, 2007


Body painted Carnaval costumes have exploded in the 21st century.

 Internationally, the most famous body paint contest is held on Spain's  Canary Islands in the City of Las Palmas.

The most famous painted body in Carnaval is Rio Sambodromo dancer Valeria Valenessa Heres' some video of Valeria She's been at it, mostly for Portela sometimes with her sister for nearly 20 years. Phenomenal symmetries that never fail to fascinate! Learn more @

 airbrush-body.jpg In the USA the Florida Key's Fantasy Fun Fest is best know forMermaidRedhead.jpg it many painted bodies , particularly female breasts. In the breast alone parade category, we would be remiss if we did not mention the Carnaval like Mermaid parade held at Brooklyn's Coney Island [click pic to the right]

Download and for quantity alone, there is nothing that compares with the French Quarter during Mardi Gras

Tu Foto @ Flickr
with an eye for the hot babes of Carnaval
[right:A parade of passistas breasts from Sambao ]

We often find ourselves gravitating to Tu Foto's Carnaval Collections. He has demonstrated an eye for the proverbial "hot babe" shot which honors the sex goddesses Aphrodite/Venus in the European or  Yemaja in the African Diaspora  tradition.  Rio Brazilian Carnaval  has many names for the tradition including godmother, Destaque* and muse.

This is from his 2005 collection. Also see 2006 and 2004


*Destaque [jez-ta-kee] are prominent figures featured on Brazil  Carnaval floats. The human figures may be known more for their celebrity or costume as well as their beautiful body. These woman are more likely “passistas” or samba dancers, part of a wing or "ala" supporting a their group's theme. Whereas the SF Carnaval Queens of Aquarela on their much awaited float are destaques.
Click the image to our right to see how the SF Carnaval foto with the most hits is doing relative to other pics in our imageserver

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search maraReggae

Queen Monique Micaela Our 2006 It girl
by celina_ramoscastro by shapeshifter
Miceala of Aquarela by Tu Foto
GingaBrasil-blonde07.jpg by hot from silicon valley[email protected]/

by Toby Silver 

Hi Monique by jojosuperstar || Two || 3 ||

One very happy husband  by MissEli

ofer_shaked/[email protected]/


Wav   Ing by kiwisocket  

2005 Carnaval - Micaela on Flickr -by loupiote (Old Skool)

by Toby Silver

Love, uhh, the colors by shananalper[email protected]/[email protected]/

 More about our 2006
Top Sets per google

SF Carnaval - /davegolden

The crazy legs of
Samba Do Mar more

The crazy legs of
Samba Do Mar more

San Francisco Carnaval 2006 - by m

 SF Carnaval 2006 by jhattam [mission75]


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APRIL 2007
15 April
8 pm
Grupo Falso Baiano
Anna's Jazz Island, 2120 Allston, Berkeley
"Choro, samba & baiao."
510 841-JAZZ
17 April
10 pm
Nobody From Ipanema
Elbo Room, 647 Valencia, SF
"Brazilian pop & funk."
20 April
8 pm
Dulce Pontes
Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, 3301 Lyon, SF
An eclectic Portuguese performer known for fado, Brazilian, and other styles of song, at the SF Jazz Fest.
800 225-2277
20 April
3 & 8 pm
The Assad Brothers and the Turtle Island String Quartet
Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness, SF
Brazil's best-known guitar duo are featured by the SF Jazz Fest.
800 225-2277
MAY 2007
24 May
7 pm
Grupo Falso Baiano
Caffe Trieste, 2120 Allston, Berkeley
"Choro, samba & baiao."
510 548-5198
JUNE 2007
1 June
7 & 9 pm
Stephanie Ozer Quartet featuring Leny Andrade
Barndiva courtyard, 9th Annual Healdsburg Jazz Festival, 231 Center, Healdsburg
Reknowned Brazilian jazz/bossa/samba singer performs with Bay Area pianist Stephanie Ozer.
Tickets on sale April 1st. $26
23 June
7 pm
Carlinhos Brown
plus Ojos de Brujo Masonic Center, 1111 California, SF
Timbalada founder revisits San Francisco.
SF Jazz



KING Antonio Naranjo

Rafaella Our Teacher

Me and Rafaella Pre-Parade






ronwired's buddy icon

ronwired's sfBayArea event photos




Featured on the home page of Grants for the Arts is Carnaval San Francisco King but the Grants to Carnaval and other well established events have been frozen since the dot-com bust of 2000. This combined with a bureaucracy often aggressively seeking cost recovery for doing their jobs related to events has meant the City's role in maintaining healthy arts has been shrinking every year.

In July of  2004, the Mayor's office ditched a plan to consolidate the two main City funded Art Grans organizations saying the matter still remained under study.

A Feb 2006  report called for again creating a centralized department of culture and compelling politicians to stop diverting hotel tax funds away from the arts.  The city now levies a 14 percent tax on all hotel rooms; in the past, about 40 percent of that went into the city's general fund and about 60 percent to everything from the arts to Moscone Convention Center and low-income housing. In recent years, that ratio has flipped: The city's general fund gets the larger share.

"Heavens knows, in these times, when everybody needs money, the fact that we have a system in San Francisco that provides reliable funding for the arts is truly remarkable," says Ruth Felt, founding director of San Francisco Performances, a major concert presenter. "And we should be very careful about putting that in any kind of jeopardy."

The current task force members were at pains not to revisit the old arguments that pitted smaller "community-based" groups against the major institutions and stirred up ethnic politics. "I think we're bifurcated in a way we weren't before," says Heather Kitchen, executive director of the American Conservatory Theater. "I feel saddened by where things seem to have been left. Others also describe the long task force meetings as divisive and dispiriting, around such issues as the distribution of city money to large and small organizations."

Those large groups, which employ hundreds of people, get the fattest grants, but those dollars represent a small fraction of their budgets. Smaller groups get smaller grants, but they account for a far greater chunk of their budgets.

Word from the mayor's office is that Newsom wants to move forward with a new centralized arts structure. As for the board, Ammiano expects the task force's recommendation to meet with approval, but with "the dysfunction around here, one never knows."

Carnaval San Francisco Photo
Under Mayor Newsome the funding for the Community Arts has been reduced in inflation dollars and as a percentage of the Hotel Tax which in most Cities plays a major role in funding smaller arts organizations.
Motion to approve the four mosaic sidewalk marker designs by Susan Cervantes inspired by the Twenty Day Signs of the Aztec Calendar and funded by the Fleishhacker Foundation for the following three locations: two markers at Precita Eyes Mural Center at 2981-24th Street; one marker at La Gallinita Market at 24th and Harrison; and one marker at the Mission Neighborhood Center at 3013-24th Street. MEETING OF THE FULL ARTS COMMISSION
Monday, February 5, 2007


SF Values
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom's administration will change its policy on issuing laudatory proclamations after a gay porn studio was honored last week without the mayor's knowledge, city officials said Friday.

Conservative activists and pundits nationwide belittled the city after Newsom's office declared Feb. 23 to be Colt Studio Day, honoring the 40th anniversary of a San Francisco movie company whose Web site invites visitors to "come inside to experience the hottest man-on-man action."

The official document, bearing Newsom's name, was presented by a representative of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services to the company during its anniversary party. It said Colt Studio "has produced movies that have entertained the gay community over the past 40 years" and has contributed to the city by bringing in "hundreds of millions of dollars in business" and "stimulating the job market and the local economy in general."

Newsom's office issues nearly 2,000 proclamations a year, most covering such innocuous topics as Australian Heritage Day and Graffiti Watch Day. They are typically issued by the Neighborhood Services Office without the mayor or his top aides reviewing their content, which was the case with the document honoring the gay porn studio, Newsom's spokesman said Friday.

But in the wake of attacks by conservative media figures such as talk show host Bill O'Reilly -- who said the proclamation reinforced San Francisco's reputation as the nation's "Sodom and Gomorrah" -- Newsom has decided to change the policy and have any potentially controversial proclamation cleared by either his chief of staff or director of government affairs.

"If there are any questions about proclamations, they will be reviewed," said Newsom spokesman Nathan Ballard. "There's just going to be a stricter review process from now on."

Ballard stopped short of saying the administration had made a mistake in honoring Colt Studio, but said, "The mayor is concerned about it. And we've changed the policy to reflect that."

The proclamation was written by Neighborhood Services staffers after they learned state Assemblyman Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, and city Treasurer Jose Cisneros had issued similar commendations.

South Bay vs No. Bay rivalry at


"san Francisco"



more at

The Folsom Street Fair S & M crowd with a stronger heterosexual bent perhaps, has established an outpost at historic Armory building on a full city block at the edge of the Mission near mid-Market St and SOMA.
WARNING: This search yields a far stronger adult image than might be expected including play with sex organs.

Built in 1914 for the National Guard, this reproduction Moorish Castle is 190,000 square feet of space including a drill court which could hold over 5,000 spectators with parking underneath and an artillery range where the Mission creek reverberates as it streams impressively through the cavernous dungeons.  While past investors saw the rooftop cannon turrets and flooded underground artillery range as a nightmarish renovation, CEO Peter Acworth recognized the SF Armory as a perfect playground for fetish fantasies and bought the Armory in December for $14.5 million shortly after yet another developer gave up on winning approvals for a luxury housing scheme. founder, Peter Acworth, and Executive Producer, Lisset Barcellos, met with the Mission Merchants Association on the 16th of January to discuss the controversial purchase of San Francisco¹s historic Armory building. Nestled in a residential working-class neighborhood rich with cultural heritage.

see the video from this meeting at youTube

Peter Acworth wants to be a good neighbor but his industry rewards crossing boundaries that opponents say make it a bad match for a family neighborhood like the Mission.

The business community position was summed upped by Planning Commissioner Michael Antonini who said:
 “I’m in favor of free enterprise and for someone to do what they want with a building they own. There are many of these activities going on throughout The City.”

The Planning Commission has said it hopes neighbors and the armory's new owner can get together on their own and work out the issues. Amit Ghosh, director of the city's Planning Department, has publicly said, "The planning not really worried with moral propriety."
Still there is continuing opposition See whose strategy is to solidify the proposed rezoning ban on any type of retail porn in the Mission District and even add NC-17 video production to be included in this ban. There's three supervisors who overlap in the Mission, Chris Daly (dist.6) and Tom Amminano (dist.9) declared themselves neutral where as new dad and moderate Bevan Dufty who also reps the Castro district and has said he is in favor of "sex-positive" industry.
In many ways, the debate is about redrawn lines. Most of the opposition says they have no issues with Good Vibrations, a pioneer and now institution for sex toys.


Supervisor Bevan Dufty has been strongest elected official  in favor of the NC-17 Film Production use of the Nationally registered historic structure 

However the biggest event featured on flickr by far is Burning Man. Type in burning man will yield nearly 200,000 results  


Canary Islands > Las Palmas